Please Critique My Formula



I am highly allergic to many foods and have a rare disease (Eosinophilic Esophagitis), so my nutrient sources are very limited.

I am approximately 40 pounds underweight. This formula is designed to help me gain weight in a steady and healthy manner while simultaneously not exacerbating my allergies.

I enjoy heavy weight lifting 3x week, so that also has influence on my required calorie intake (current formula is 3,500-3,700 calories/day).

Any comments/suggestions about my formulation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



Change to 1 Vitamin B complex pill and look for another source of folate. You have enough ingredients you probably wouldn’t mind adding another. :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend this because you may get an adverse reaction consuming all that niacin. (one of those pills is plenty, but will make you short on folate)

Are you going to be grinding all those pills? Your recipe looks like a lot of work to prepare. That is not necessarily a bad thing I mean, I probably wouldn’t mind grinding some pills and mixing together my soylent, but you may be able to find powdered forms of some of those things.


Are you planning on cooking the Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour? Rice flour can be dangerous to consume raw.


@Xander, thanks for the input. I am going to look for a different vitamin B source. Even switching from 2 pills to just 1 pill would still make me over the upper intake limit for Niacin. Good catch! I have updated my personal nutrient profile because I was missing some of the maxes (like for Niacin). Also, no, I will not be grinding pills. All pills I use will be in capsule form so I can easily open them up.

@csadams404, I will be cooking the Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour. I’ve already practiced cooking it with the oils, the beef protein isolate, and some salt, and it comes out quite nicely.


What does the beef protein isolate taste like? And how do you cook it? Just pour out all the powders and oil, mix, and bake it? Can you describe what the end-product tastes like, the consistency, etc.?


@csadams404, the beef protein isolate has a very, very mild shredded beef jerky flavor/smell. I imagine you can bake the recipe and turn it into some kind of corn bread consistency, but so far I have only made it on the stove like a porridge/gravy. So, in essence it comes out tasting like mild beef gravy. You can adjust the amount of water and oil to fit your desired consistency and you could also spruce it up with some seasonings (garlic, onion, cumin, etc. would all go really well, I think). I’m trying to limit exposure to potential allergens, so currently I am only seasoning it with salt.

As a note, my overall formula does not mean that I will have everything mixed into one massive batch and that I will split it up evenly throughout the day, just that I plan to have everything in some form or fashion throughout the course of the day.


I’d like to see a source for that - yes, it expands, but if you’re mixing it with water and letting it sit for a couple hours, you shouldn’t have any expansion problems. As to bacteria, it’s exceedingly rare. I’d bet there’s a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than getting sick from uncooked flour. Rice is known for emetics bacteria, so if you do end up getting sick from rice flour, you’ll be throwing up. I haven’t seen anything particularly dangerous noted about rice flour, however.


I have a friend that has regularly consumed raw meat since I’ve known him. I’m talking hamburger and shitty cuts of meat. So far he has been fine.

The bacteria your looking out for in rice is Bacillus cereus and it can be fatal.