Please critique my ketogenic recipe


Here is a link to my recipe It is a version of Jeff’s ketogenic with a few additions/modifications as I require higher caloric intake to maintain my weight. I left some ingredients on the list, even though I zeroed out the quantities so that I can add them back more easily later on.


You level of Niacin is very high.


I saw that, but when I looked it up, people take grams of niacin daily for some medical conditions without adverse effect (other than the racy feeling that it can give), so I thought that a few extra milligrams probably won’t be too bad for me.


Does the MegaRed only contain omega3? It seems a bit pricey for what you’re getting.

Your omega6 is a little high. This isn’t a massive issue, as most people get loads of it, it’s pretty standard. However, lower is better. If I were you I’d ditch the grapeseed oil and go full olive.


Good idea. I dropped the MegaRed and grapeseed and went full olive oil. That gave me about the same omega-3, but for about $1.50/day less.


Any reason why you have 2 of the opti-men? The only thing that’s short when you go to 1 is Molybdenum and Folate…and Niacin goes down to an acceptable level.


Folate deficiency is more serious than excess Niacin. Niacin is often given in grams (rather than milligrams) to people with high cholesterol. The Opti-Men multi-vitamin actually recommends three tabs per day rather than two. People who take hundreds of milligrams (to cleanse for drug tests usually) report that it makes their skin uncomfortably flush, but I really don’t think that the levels I’m proposing here are harmful in any way (also, 789 reviews on Amazon for the multi-vitamin average at 4.4 stars, so it can’t be causing too many problems).


Fair point, moving on :smile:


Sorry if this is off topic, but I’m curious about the taste of your recipe. What is it like to have mostly oil + pea protein? I’ve been thinking about jumping to a keto recipe, but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.


Not off topic at all. The taste is…not good. I don’t have a problem stomaching it, but for me this is a two week experiment to see whether just doing soylent is a tolerable thing, so I’m not trying to optimize taste yet. I was in ketosis when I started the trial and didn’t want to get knocked out (and have to go through keto flu again once the trial was over). If I decide to stick with soylent, I would move away from a ketogenic recipe toward a slow carb type recipe.

Five days into the trial, it seems unlikely to me that I will continue beyond the two weeks though. I don’t really miss the solid foods, but I’m having a hard time seeing a point in doing this long term. I prep all my powdered stuff for one week at one time, but still have to actually blend the days soylent every morning which is a pain in the ass and takes longer than cooking up some eggs and bacon. In fairness, I broke my blender on day 2, so I’ve had to use a food processor to mix the soylent since then which makes it far more time consuming than the blender did. The other thing that’s been annoying is that my dishwasher doesn’t clean the grit out of containers well, so I’ve had to switch to washing dishes by hand which is also really time consuming. Overall, I don’t feel like I’m actually saving time over normal food prep although I am saving money (and I’m sure I could save a lot more without the keto restriction). My replacement blender part should be here in the next day or two and hopefully that will make things a lot better.


Which part of your recipe contributes mainly to the taste?

I too find cleaning up a bit of a hassle since my oily soylent doesn’t easily rinse out of my blender. Having typed this, what I think I will try is blending together water with solids, then mixing the result with oil in my shake bottles, so the oil never touches the blender.


The pea protein is the unpleasant taste. I use extra light tasting olive oil which has a very subtle, almost buttery flavor. Otherwise, the cocoa and pea flavors are dominant.