Please help me resolve an issue with my Soylent


The gas had gone down since i started. But the volume of my flatulence is not the issue, it’s the scent. Even the smallest fart is extremely noticeable now because of the awful stench. I can’t go forward being fearful of even the smallest, tiniest fart in a public place. Is there a solution to this problem besides holding in every single fart? This has been a deal breaker for at least one Soylent user on these forums and I am desperate to hold on to the Soylent dream.

The Only solution that comes to mind is drastically reducing the amount of Soylent I consume, reduce it from 75 to 25 percent of my diet. That is not really a solution though, because I want to consume mostly Soylent. This will be a problem for other users going forward so it must be addressed.


How long has it been since you started Soylent?


Have you tried any of the gas aids? While I’ve not tried them myself, I have seen a few folks recommending GasX and Beano. Hopefully this will pass for you, most accounts say that it will.

I’m thankful to not be having the same issues.


My gas odor is definitely changed for the worse. I’m hoping this isn’t the new normal but quite possibly could be.


A lot of people think the gas is caused by the fiber, and that it will “pass” after a short time on Soylent. The bad smell people have been mentioning could be the sulphur content of the rice protein. Rice protein is very high in methionine. I know when I eat foods high in methionine (Eggs and beef) my gas is particularly noxious.


Another theory…When we get hungry, and then prepare to eat a tasty meal, our digestive juices get cranked up. When I’m REALLY hungry, and I eat meals that normally cause bad smelling gas (beef/eggs etc) it’s not nearly as bad as when I eat these foods with little or no appetite. People who are eating Soylent for the majority of their meals surely aren’t getting all the digestive juices flowing before drinking a glass of the stuff. So maybe their bodies just aren’t breaking everything down as well. Just an idea.


Like many others, the gas was pretty eye watering for a few days but is has completely passed. Beano worked for me during the worst of the first few days but I’ve not needed it for a while now. There is still a strange quality to my gas but that is also beginning to fade.

Maybe I am being insensitive in saying this but I tried to avoid farting near other people even before getting on soylent. For me, nothing is different now. Hold it in and go fart in the bathroom


Of course, but it isn’t always possible to get a break.

BTW I ate eggs almost every morning for breakfast pre-Soylent and no issues with gas or odor.


I started four days ago.


I will give Beano a try. Thanks for the advice.


Thanks! I haven’t gotten my official Soylent yet. My DIY gave me the toots for about ten days until it finally eased up. I didn’t think it would be possible to stick with it. I used a lot of Gas-X in those days. I hope it settles down for you. Let us know, and thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to have the Gas-X on hand for when my Soylent arrives.


You could also try this , from what they say on the page it doesn’t have the gas effect that Soylent has. Personally I’m going to try it because I to had issues with gas on Soylent after using it for several weeks.


I love how the Soylent forums have turned into the broadest discussion of farts and gas anywhere on the internet. Nothing makes me laugh more then when I hear someone call their farts “mustard.”

I, personally, can’t wait to get my Soylent and luxuriate in the noxious fumes. I travel for a living though, so am very worried about flying. Mustard gas inside a large aluminum tube with hundreds of other people is not a good thing. I guess they won’t know it’s me though…

Grin and bear it!


Has anyone else NOT experienced gas? I feel left out. I wanted to terrorize my family with the Soylent gas, instead i got nothing…


Yup, no problems here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Two things. First, kudos on your name given you posted in this thread.

Second, I would congratulate the OP for mastering the Silent But Deadly.


I’m hopeful I’ll be okay. I’ve been doing DIY for three weeks now and have been slowly upping the fiber content. I’ve got a fair amount of oat flour and chia seeds in it (though I am using Whey protein not rice, so the smell might end up different) now and am hitting about 97% of my daily fiber with a fair amount of it being non-soluable. So fingers crossed, I should be good.


For me, the smell has died down, and the gas has passed. But it’s taken 3 weeks to get here. There is still the definite smell of eggs. But it will no longer will clear a room, and is no longer of strategic value.

And it’s quite easy to excuse oneself at this point if it needs to be evacuated discretely. No more sudden outbursts.


Silent but deadly, or Soylent but deadly? Lol


Do you actually have less gas after 3 weeks, or do you have the same amount of gas, but now it’s just less smelly? The gas is almost unbearable for me. I’m on my 4th day.