Please Make a Sucralose-free Version!


I know there’s been a lot of conversation on this topic, but I just wanted to make my voice heard and give other people who feel the same way to voice their support too. From what I’ve read in these conversations, some people are ambivalent about sucralose in Soylent, some people indifferent, and some definitely don’t want it - it doesn’t seem like there’s a definitive answer. I find myself in that last camp, and it’s the only thing keeping me from Soylent right now.

I would appreciate a sucralose-free version so much, and I think that many others would too, so I really hope this will be an option in the near future.

I’d also just like to say thanks to everyone involved in developing Soylent. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.


Well you sure are in luck.

Not only has there been conversation on this topic, but it’s happening right now!


Actually it’s happening for DIY soylent not for the official one yet (if ever).

@jacoblees I would even go so far to try and substitute the vanillin as this seems to be the second most problematic ingredient. Perhaps a plain version, with addons like stevia drops, non artificial vanilla extract.
So far it seems your choice would be something similar to Schmoylent or Schmoylent plain. @axcho


I’m into my fifth bag of Soylent and the sweetness is really bothering me. If I keep the Soylent ice cold it is not so bad but any time it gets about 50F or warmer the sweetness is off-putting and cloying. At least when consuming Soylent for the majority of meals.

If you gave me a choice between fully-nutritious delicious cake and fully-nutritious bland slurry to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose the slurry. I doubt I am alone in this. I can’t have every meal be so damn sweet. If I feel like I want a meal to be sweet I can add my own sweetener.


Try adding other flavorings. The sweetness in Soylent is noticeable only because there’s not much other flavor to it. You could add in a little chicken or beef bouillion for a savory mix, or fresh fruits and make fruit smoothies. Chocolate and coffee are my favorites so far. Coffee tastes great even slightly warm (haven’t tried it hot.)


Thanks for the tip, I will try experimenting.

However if I do have to modify Soylent on a daily basis this will cause me to stop purchasing it. I would much rather they drop the vanillin and sucralose, or offer a version without these additives or in greatly reduced proportions.

It tastes like I am drinking a vanilla cupcake mix. Not cool.


I’ll have to try that. The chicken/beef bullion also has a lot of salt in it, so I wouldn’t have to add the extra 1/5 tsp.


cloying… great word choice.


I just wanted to add my voice to this thread. Sucralose, as well as most artificial sweeteners, give me headaches. I didn’t realize it was there, nor did I expect it to be there, but after only 1 day of Soylent I could tell from my headache that there was an artificial sweetner.

I’m very strongly for the idea of separating the flavoring from the powder in the same way that the oil is separated from the powder. It’s clearly causing problems for a few people, and most of us are pretty happy experimenting with our own flavors anyway.


I thought my headaches were due to the lack of salt so I started adding the 1/2 tsp recommended. I didn’t think I should add the salt since I still eat “muggle meals” for 30-60% of my diet, but decided to try.

Headaches still persist on days where I replace two meals with Soylent. I was one of the few defending sucralose in the beginning, waiting to try before judging. Now I wonder if I have a similar sensitivity…

Edit: Should be noted that most diet soda gives me headaches and a sore throat. Soda Stream is sucralose-only and it give me only headaches.


Schmoylent is sucralose-free (it uses Stevia), you could give it a try…


I may have to give a day a shot… thanks for the link!


I’m the one making Schmoylent by the way. :wink:

I don’t know if you all have seen my Soylent Side Effects Experiment Thread, but I’ve been testing additives like sucralose and vanillin on myself and sharing the results. I also have way more sucralose and vanillin on hand than I care to consume. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you want me to send you some sucralose (or vanillin) for you to try ingesting to see if it gives you headaches, send me a PM with your address.


I feel like such a loser. Nothing sounds better to me than drinking a vanilla cupcake mix…


I’m sure I am the minority here. :smile:

If I were in the mood for dessert then it would not be a significant issue for me.
I tend to avoid sweet stuff on a day-by-day basis. I have maybe a glass of soda a week and I usually opt out of dessert unless it is a special occasion or rare dessert item.


I second that opinion. I am only on bag 3, but I find the stuff to be way to sweet for my taste. I generally have less of a sweet tooth than most americans, but mostly I just don’t want all my meals tasting sweet.

I find that watering it down a bit more than recomended amount helps a bit, but none the less I’d be hesitant to buy more until a less sweet option is available.


Yes, a sucralose/vanillin free version would be great. Substituting out the raw oats would be great too. Raw oats are too difficult to digest for many people.


I tried Soylent for the first time today and it is definitely too sweet for me. I am glad that I am not the only one. The fact that it is an artificial sweetener is a separate but potentially equally important issue.

I think that separating ingredients that are there for flavor only should be the way to go in any case, as a conceptual thing.

Is it possible that there are regional differences in the ideal level of sweetness? I am Czech and I have lived in the USA for some two years now. Almost everything here is too sweet for me.


My soylent is just sitting in my pantry and won’t consume it because it has sucralose. It gives me headaches. I can’t bring myself to throw the whole lot of it away just yet, but I will buy soylent again when/if they take sucralose out.

Can I return it for a refund?


I’m sure there are people here who would be willing to buy it from you.