Please Make a Sucralose-free Version!


Alright. I have 6 unopened bags of soylent I can mail out. I live near Destin, FL. =o)


I’m dredging up this topic because I’ve always wanted a Sucralose-free version, and a new study provides more support that this artificial sweetener promotes a strong appetite response, conserved from fruit flies to us mammals. Not cool. Why risk it when we don’t know the long-term effects, and the ones we do know seem negative? If users want their Soylent sweet, please just let us sweeten it ourselves!

Thanks for listening to your customers,


I respect y’all have concerns about this seemingly 100% safe chemical compound. however, I don’t see Soylent creating any special tailored product to people unfortunately. Maybe I’m wrong. It would be interesting to see, but at the same time it will also be more expensive. The majority of people are happy with the ingredients just as they are, and in the future I wouldn’t be opposed to using FDA safe ingredients that can get the price even lower. It would be cool to see a version that uses Stevia or Monk Fruit, though. So I will second what this thread is suggesting.


There are two problems with your post, Tyler.

First, that study refers to sweet/energy imbalance. For example, a “diet” drink that tastes sweet, but actually had no calories. Soylent does not fit that category, because it has lots of calories.

Second, you refer to those who want Soylent sweet adding their own sweetener… That’s what they do now, because Soylent is not sweet. Soylent has a vanishingly small amount of sucralose in it, compared to products that taste sweet. It’s added in small quantities as a masking agent, not a sweetener.

So, unlike a product that tastes sweet but delivers no calories (the subject of the study), Soylent is not sweet and delivers lots of calories.


That kinda defeats one of the points of Soylent. That it’s read to drink right away and doesn’t require any further thought.


You make good points, and I agree. I did not thoroughly read the study, and mostly learned about it on the Nature Podcast. Thank you for the response. Taste is quite subjective, and the new v1.6 formula tastes very sweet to me, but I don’t eat a lot of sugar-rich foods in general, so am likely more sensitive. I would still prefer Soylent without any artificial sweeteners, but recognize I’m likely in the minority.


True, I must agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


The list of (the only thing) keeping people from Soylent:

Lack of Kosher Certification
Arsenic Levels (Prop 65 Labeling)
Cadmium Levels (Prop 65 Labeling)
Lead Levels (Prop 65 Labeling)


I was doing the homemade soylent (from community recipe) for a while until I learned that they have it all ready to go and mixed. I thought that was awesome until I just read ingredients and learned that my homemade was much better in that I included no soy or artificial sweetener. I am disappointed because I was really looking forward to not having to make this myself. I would rather do so than consume sucralose or soy.


You could consider one of the other -lent companies. Superbodyfuel don’t contain soy and they currently offer both an unsweetened option and different flavours. The sweetened versions use stevia as the sweetener, but this will soon be switching to monkfruit.


Cool! Thanks for the info. First I actually heard of monkfruit. That’s interesting.


Depending on your protein source, soy may actually be the “better” protein. Perhaps better not to consider it a ranked better/worse but rather different.


Yeah, we actually just switched to monkfruit, so anything you order now on Super Body Fuel will be using monkfruit instead of stevia. :slight_smile:


Monkfruit is awesome, I hope Soylent jumps on the bandwagon.