Please participate in the unofficial 2015 soylent Eaters Survey


We are trying to help build a fact-base around how/why/when people are eating soylent. Anonymized results will be open sourced.

Survey can be taken here:

Thanks in advance. We’re hoping the results of this survey will help dispel some of the straw man arguments against soylent/powdered food.


didn’t see an option for



Is your product adequately covered by the People Chow category? What is the best way to include soylent products?



You could add Keto Chow if you want.


Submitted. :slight_smile:

1, 2, 3…20



I’m not interested enough in the results to provide an email address, since I presently wade through literally 90+% spam (because of having the same email address for 15+ years-- and I arrived at 90+% by clearing out 48000 emails recently from my online message store, and ended up with about 1300 valid emails. That 48k email covered a 10 month period. Based on those numbers, it’s 97% spam.) I don’t need one more thing cluttering my inbox.

But if you feel like posting the results here, I would be interested.


I also took the survey and would like to see the results but didn’t give my email. When the results are posted be sure to stop back by here and let us know what they are.


I feel the same way, I also did the survey, but entered no email.

Please post the results, or a link to them here, so we can all see them.


We will post results here when the survey is done in addition to alerting the people who provided their emails.


@chris_bair Just went in, you’re getting quite a few write-ins for keto chow. Probably best not to change the questions at this point (for the sake of validity of results). We’ll make sure it gets into the next survey.


I’m going to go cry in my corner now =)


Results now up:


I wonder if the percentage of men is higher because men are (sterotypically) lazier than women. I know convenience is a major factor for me.


This is a technical product in many ways and men tend to be more enthused about that. Women tend to learn the domestic arts (not me, other women).

I hesitated a bit at first also. It seemed to me that most of the guinea pigs were young men (Rob and his crew). I’ve never been a man but I have been young. When I was a young Engineering student I lived on sloppy joes and chocolate donuts and had incredible mental and physical energy. Older people have to be more careful. It was when a couple of older women piped up that I thought this might be a credible product for me.



Is this a question from a man or a woman?


Men are more open to risk taking. Even though they know the product is experimental, i am guessing a lot of them ordered and tried it out as there was nothing harmful in it and also all values were 100% rdi’s and also because men generally eat more crappier food. So soylent relatively makes a bigger difference to their diet.