Please respond to my request!


Yes, I know I am shouting, but no one is responding to my messages, PM or otherwise. It has been a month since I got the “verify your address” email. but nothing else, no shipment, no response email, no shipping notification and no tracking information. People are already getting refills, I have yet to get any of my shipments ( container, or soylent) PLEASE RESPOND! @Soylent @JulioMiles @matt @ana

I cannot log in, I ordred in August and waiting to hear something!

What was your original order date?


Hello @audguy – your order will be shipping tomorrow. Very sorry for the delay!


Same here! I got my address confirmation well over a month ago, and haven’t hear anything since. @Soylent


@soyguy – can you please PM us your order email address? Thanks!



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OK @soyguy, your order will definitely be shipping today or monday. apologies for the delay!


Great, thanks!

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Hi @Soylent,

I received a shipping confirmation for the starter kit yesterday but not for the actual Soylent. Was that shipped?


@soyguy – very strange, I confirmed your 1WK order was fully processed but it does appear your shipment yesterday only included a starter kit. Investigating further and your Soylent will definitely be shipped out. Update forthcoming!


Any update @Soylent?



@soyguy Your 1WK replacement order is currently processing with the warehouse – expect a tracking number via email within 2-3 business days. Thanks!


Hi @Soylent,

Still no tracking number, I trust it will ship out today?



It’s now been 4 business days, on top of the previous week delay (not even counting the several month wait). This is starting to get ridiculous. Please at least give me an update.


@soyguy Sorry about the delay. Your order is processing at the warehouse – you should get a tracking number within 24 hours.



I got the tracking number Tuesday morning, but it still hasn’t shipped yet. Is that normal?


The tracking number never updated but the Soylent arrived today.


@soyguy Thanks for letting us know – we had an issue with FedEx tracking numbers in a batch of orders. Sorry about the mixup.


Might as well add mine on here. I was charged 12 Nov and haven’t received any contact saying it’s shipping. I can see it’s paid on the site and my bank acct. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks @Soylent


@Ichabod13 Orders are shipping within 2 weeks of the bill date – expect a tracking number in 2-3 business days. Thanks!