Please review and criticize my new entirely Amazon-based formula


I just finished my first complete formula and I would be very grateful if anyone could look it over and give me any comments or criticism - You can view it here!
If there is anything I’m missing, should change, or any way that I could reduce the daily cost that I missed I would be very grateful to know it.
According to the spreadsheet, it is 99% complete, and only lacks Magnesium.
I deliberately left the calories at 1580 to lose weight, and that will be adjusted to 2400 in the future, maintaining the same carb:protein:fat ratio.

Thanks in advance!!


I apologize but I do not have an easy way to view Microsoft documents. I would be more than happy to review your recipe, but could you post it online, maybe in Google Docs?


I’d recommend lowering your salt consumption. The NIH recommends 1.5 grams of sodium and 2.3 grams of chloride. In fact, I’d recommend using the NIH recommendations for all your nutrients. They only don’t include sulfur. 2 grams I think is probably good, bearing in mind that you’re getting some sulfur from the whey. All the DRI tables are linked to here: I did note some discrepancies between the NIH and the LPI on a few vitamins in another thread (, which has led me to up my vitamin C intake to 400mg, but otherwise I follow the NIH.

Also, you should note that the soybean oil you’re using is a significant source of vitamins E and K. Here’s nutrition data on soybean oil: Your whey also contains significant amounts of magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that aren’t listed on the label. Here’s nutrition data for whey concentrate ( and isolate ( You’ll probably want to adjust your supplements in light of this. Also, you didn’t include the amount of Calcium and Iron on the label on your spreadsheet. 8% Calcium means 80mg and 2% iron means .36mg. Here’s a table of what amounts they use to calculate the percentages for nutrition labels in the US: Note that these amounts are different than the latest DRI tables from the NIH.

Also, your fiber source is pretty expensive. It’s about 6¢/gram of fiber. Optimum Nutritions Fitness Fiber is only about 4¢/gram. And you can also just go for psyllium husk, which is usually cheaper. For example Now Food’s psyllium husk ( is about 2.7¢/gram: And there may be cheaper sources.

Also, I’m going to add a recommendation on protein. Your whey is good, but I’ve decided to get my protein as a mix of proteins. You can make a custom mix from Nutritional variety is usually a good idea in general and, if you mix in some vegetarian proteins like pea and rice proteins, it’ll bring down the cost a bit (depending on what percentages you use), and you have the option of throwing in some hydrolized whey or using different grades of why isolate or concentrate. I’d stray away from soy protein (because of phytic acid content) and egg protein (due to avidin content).


Excellent build, mate. I haven’t looked through the entire thing in detail but I’m flattered you’re using my sheet :slight_smile:

My only question is with your Nature’s Way Potency Tablets. Does the ingredient for Niacin say Niacin or Niacinamide? If the former, that is probably (as the sheet indicates) a toxic amount and will lead to red flushing and other things; if it’s Niacinamide, then you’re probably fine.

Great work!


There’s always OpenOffice as well.


Great idea. I’m really interested in DIY soylent but I really didn’t want to deal with finding sources and all that junk. If we can somehow crowdsource online sources into a few solid recipes, I think soylent would have even more reach.

Very excited to see this Amazon-based recipe fine-tuned.


First, I apologize for the delay in my response - all kinds of graduation parties going on this time of year!

I adjusted my salt intake to match your recommendations.
I also added in the Vitamin E and K from the soybean oil.

I am impossibly confused as to what you mean about the Calcium and Iron. Please elaborate if possible.

The Fiber source you provided costs $14.12, has 75 servings, and at 7g of Fiber per serving, I would need 6 servings a day. That means it has 12 days worth, bringing the cost per day to $1.17, which is higher than my current $0.85/day.

EDIT: Here is the new spreadsheet: Soylent_v1.1.xlsx


It’s the best one I’ve come across so far! Haha
My only wish is that it would solve for the daily cost itself by dividing the item cost by the days per unit, but that would be fairly simple for me to put in myself I suppose.

It says it is from Niacinamide, thankfully.


When you finalize your sheet do you mind posting up an updated version? I’ve been going through a bunch of different recipes, and yours looks the most complete while still being sourced from Amazon.


Definitely! I just realized that I didn’t upload the updated version as of my last couple of posts, which can now be found here!


My goal is to crowd-source a 100% nutritionally complete recipe that is entirely from Amazon Prime, at the cheapest price possible. I encourage anyone who has similar recipes to recommend any cheaper alternatives that are available as well as point out any mistakes I may have made.
Once all the kinks have been worked out, this recipe should be applicable to anyone so long as you change the macros to the levels you need personally.


I just meant that, concerning calcium and iron, on the Nutrition Facts label they list these two nutrients (along with a few other nutrients) at the bottom. But they don’t tell you the amounts in terms off grams, mg, mcg etc. Instead, they list them is as a percent of RDA for the nutrient. Unfortunately, the RDA they use is a really old one (from 1968). You can look it up by going to the wikipedia page I linked to. The oil you listed, had calcium and iron percentages on the label. So, to figure out the amount of each in it, you just multiply the percent times these old RDA values. The RDA for calcium hasn’t changed. It’s still 1000mg. So .08 x 1000 = 80mg. But the RDA for iron has changed. It was back then 18mg. So, .02 x 18 = .36mg. So, that means the oil has 80mg of calcium and .36mg of iron.

You could also use the nutrition data they have at, as I linked to, or at the USDA’s nutrient database (, and these will give you give you typical nutrient profiles for different foods. But nutrient content can vary somewhat from product to product; so it’s best to get as much info from the product’s own nutrition label and then try to fill in the rest of the data from these other resources. The USDA is particularly thorough since it lists things like the different amounts of all amino acids, different amounts of different types of fatty acids, amounts of different carotenoids that aren’t usually listed like lycopene and lutein, and more. For us Soylent DIYers, this can be useful info.


It looks like all your carbs are coming form maltodextrin which I believe is a pretty simple carb and has a high GI. I believe rob switched his to 1/2 maltodextrin and 1/2 whole oat flour/powder. This would lower your cost, increase your magnesium, and lower the GI (which could help if weight loss is your goal).


Thanks for posting this. I appreciate that I can source it all from Amazon, I love Prime :wink: I am trying to figure out how I will alter it a bit, I need to up the calories to meet my needs (I think). I am supposed to be around 2100-2200. I will likely alter to include some oat powder although I have to see what that does to the other macro nutrients.


Here’s the one on amazon i’m using It would probably be even cheaper bought locally or in bulk. I’m using this for the nutrition info
100g oats has 16.9 protein, 66.3 carbs, and 6.9 fat.


Here’s the one that I grabbed:

If you use 3 servings of that, drop the NOW Carbo Gain to 2 servings, and adjust the Freeda Kosher Calcium Phosphate to 1.5 servings a day then you actually hit the recommended a lot closer.


I am doing my best to create a Vegan version of this. It is unfortunately quite expensive to get good Vegan protein sources :wink:

Vegan formula success?

I am actually thinking of trying this and would like o know how it is going for other people doing the same thing. I tried to edit in the changes Here and wanted to see your updated formulas.


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