Please review and criticize my new entirely Amazon-based formula


It’s a private file. You have to share it.




I sincerely apologize for my own stupidity. I am new to google docs, this site, and its sharing capabilities.


So I think my version would be the same except I would source the protein and carbs from Truenutrition. Makes it more expensive because I went Vegan. But then I could add psyllium husk as one of the carb sources and eliminate the fiber chews. Still also looking for a better fat choice.


I went with your idea and have decreased the daily cost to $4.29/day!
I added this Oat Flour and cut the Carbo Gain in half, adjusted the Freeda Kosher Calcium Phosphate to 1.5 servings a day, and then was able to lower the amount of protein, fat, and fiber from other sources.

You can view the latest spreadsheet HERE.

I keep feeling like there has GOT to be a cheaper source of fiber, though. I’ll have to keep looking. I got excited enough just adding in the oat flour lol!


So today was my first day with this mix… and I gotta warn you, it’s not the most pleasant thing I’ve ever consumed. It seems extremely salty, and almost all of the flavor comes from the oats (you get basically none of the sweatness from the maltodextrin or whey).

The CDC says that a minimum of 500mg is required, and that the recommended is 1.5g (like the sheet has); however, I think I’m going to experiment with reducing this to somewhere between 800-1100.

I’m also going to try switching to a 3/4 maltodextrin to 1/4 oat mix, to see if I stay full throughout the day (that was the one big plus to the oat powder, I was full until the next “meal time”).


I need a blank spreadsheet :slight_smile: I keep modifying yours and it goes all wacky.


I recall Rob saying that he was flavoring his with Ethyl Vanillin. Perhaps I should add this to the mix?

I haven’t tried this mix myself because I see it as something that could be improved upon before trying it, which is why I posted it here for review, haha.

As far as the salty flavor, I’m not sure how to reduce that without reducing the amount of actual salt in it, as you said you may try.


My spreadsheet is based upon GodRaine’s spreadsheet, available here.


I was considering adding a flavoring agent, but I’m not entirely sure that it could mask the oat/salt combo. The oats themselves aren’t bad, but mixed with how salty it was I felt like I was a farm animal.

I’m mixing up that modified 3/4 maltodextrin 1/4 oat mix tonight, and will let you know how it goes.


they have a wide choice of flavorings


Just a quick question. I’ve noticed your new v2 sheet does not include the iron or calcium from the oat flour. Why is that? 24% of your daily recommended iron from the four servings of oat flour used seems significant…

edit: especially because the daily recommended iron for men isn’t 18mg, but 8mg. Which also means I’m not sure what daily value Bob’s Red Mill is using to generate these percentages.

One last thing. Your numbers are off on your Carbo Gain row. It’s $39 for a 12lb bag. If you use 2 servings a day that’s 36 days worth. Sorry! Of the put together lists I’ve seen I like yours the best. I’m going through and putting things in my amazon cart so I’m scrutinizing on a line by line basis. Thanks for putting the list together and thanks to @GodRaine for his spreadsheet.


You’re right! This is what happens when I do this in a hurry, haha. According to what JosephK said (his post also elaborates on how they calculate these percentages if you’re interested), in the 4 servings there is 40% of your daily intake of iron, which is 7.2mg. I’m not sure how to remove some of the iron from the current capsules I have on the spreadsheet as they have 18mg in them each. Any thoughts? It isn’t into the toxic range, so I may just leave it.

As for the calcium, in 4 servings you are getting 8%, which is 80mg. Adding this doesn’t bring you into the toxic range, either.

You’re also correct about my Carbo Gain price on the spreadsheet. However, according to this webpage, there are 109 servings per 12lb container, meaning there are 54 days per unit. I believe the picture on Amazon is for a smaller unit size.

Here is version 2.1 - which now includes the correct cost of Carbo Gain and the Iron and Calcium from the Oat Flour.


I considered using the Oat Flour for 100% of the carbs, as this would save some of the cost on all of the other things it contains, as well as being a cheaper source of carbs. I wonder if an introduction of a flavoring agent would allow this to be a feasible option?

EDIT: Also, what did you use for fats? The Crisco I originally put on the spreadsheet remains out of stock for the time being.


Aha! Thanks for that. 109 servings indeed. Also just wanted to chime in on your question to @FujiwaraTakumi and mention that I got rid of the veg oil and the fiber capsules by using coconut flour. Check it out if you’re interested.


I think it would probably have to be a pretty strong flavor to mask the oats, or something that complements the oats (some kind of granny apple or something maybe), they’re really noticeable.

Here’s what I did to improve the formula last night, and today’s batch is actually almost to the point where I can say “I actually like this.” I reduced oat flower to 1/4 cup, increased maltodextrin to 3/4 cups, reduced sulfur to 1g (I found myself with horrid sulfur smelling gas all day and night long until this morning), and reduced salt to 2.5 grams. It turns out that the daily REQUIRED sodium is around 500-700mg, and as a web developer I don’t do too much physical activity, so I think somewhere around 1000mg will be good for me. I’ll probably add a small bit of vanilla extract or vanillin tomorrow to enhance flavor, and maybe I’ll be there!

I’m using grapeseed oil (from a local Mediterranean place) for the fats.


Not sure how well Oat Flour alone would do as the sole carbs source. Guess maybe it depends on your carb needs and how active you are.


All of the coconut flour I found seemed to have very little fat content in it. Can you tell me the exact source you are using?


I searched Amazon (Prime) and found that this appeared to be the cheapest source of Coconut Oil.

HERE is an updated formula that includes the coconut oil and has a daily cost of exactly $5.00/day.

On a side note, HERE is a formula that uses the Oat Flour for 100% of carbs and protein, as well as a third of the fat. This formula also includes the coconut oil, and has a daily cost of only $3.88/day!

I think I may start with the formula that is cheaper and if the oat flour becomes unbearable or I feel lethargic I can always buy the protein powder and carbo gain separate.

EDIT: I am currently looking into emulsifiers (for the oat flour, amongst other things) and flavoring agents. With a lower price point, this experimental formula gives me more to work with, thankfully.


The only problem I can see with that formula (the one that uses the Oat Flour for 100% of carbs and protein) is that the Oat Flour only lasts seven days. Then again, the Amazon link says it comes in a pack of four. There’s no notes as to how many grams 8 servings is, so the calculation isn’t totally clear.

If it’s what I think, then in reality you’d need to order 16 packs of this for a month, bringing your cost up to $44 / month (but retaining the current cost per day). Not a biggie. Pretty good formula, really!