Please review my Keto recipe


Here it is:

I’m 180lb, 5’10’’, mostly sedentary but jog+workout often. My goal is to lose weight (currently at around 20% body fat, want to bring that down to 8%) and gain more muscle while maintaining optimum mental clarity.

I take the butter with my coffee, and the oils blended with the powder. Also, in reality I take a little less fat, in order to lose weight gradually over time. What’s on the recipe is for maintaining my current weight.

I tried to keep the saturated & monounsaturated fats in equal amounts, and tried to keep the polyunsaturated equal in proportion. I’m not sure if there is any consensus yet on what’s best for say, cholesterol or cardiovascular fitness (e.g. no artery blockage). Half of my meals that isn’t soylent consists of a lot of bacon, eggs, vegetables (avocados, leafy greens, cauliflower), and fish (sardines & alaskan salmon).

At first I was hesitant to take so much potassium, but I’ve been drinking this recipe at least 1 meal a day (sometimes 2) and I feel great.

The worst part, if you could call it that, is having to blend the chia seeds which takes a minute on my bullet blender. I might consider blending the chia seeds first before mixing into the weekly batch. I hope that doesn’t cause some kind of unwanted oxidation. I do keep the mix in a 5 gallon food-grade bucket which makes for easy mixing.

You get used to the taste. :wink:


I’m pretty new to this myself. The only thing I notice about the recipe is that you could drop the choline bitartrate if you increase your lecithin a bit.

The amount of fiber seems pretty high, are you tolerating that well? I guess if you’re only eating it half your meals then maybe you’re not noticing any issues.


That’s a good point on the choline bitartrate. The creator of the parent recipe, QuidNYC would agree.

The fiber hasn’t been a problem so far, though I can tell that it’s having an effect. If I were to subsist entirely on DIY soylent, I would reduce the fiber.

Thanks F3TTT!


@jaekwon - if you finally polish you formula - we will be glad if you share/sell a part of it on DIY-soylent Marketplace. Ketogenic is the most difficult recipy for us, we miss it.