Please review my New Zealand Sourced Soylent

Hey guys I was wondering if I could get an opinion on my Soylent recipe.

It was tricky to find all the necesary ingredients in New Zealand but I have finally managed to do it. One thing that is handy is that we have Fontera in New Zealand, the world’s best source of whey protein powders and other milk products.

Thanks guys,

Hi Daniel,
The recipe looks good to me i have been struggling to make a recipe in nz as well. I suggest bin inn for your oat flour it costs less than half the huckleberry flour and and can be found in all bin in stores all over nz
and its unlikely you would need so much protein unless you are some kind of body builder just 0.8-1.0 grams of protein per kg of your weight is more than enough for most people

best of luck, hope it works out and tell us how it turns out=)

Why only 1500 calories? That seems pretty low.

Hi Everett,

Thanks so much for the tip off on Bininn. I will be buying my oat flour from there from now on.

As for the protein, I am experimenting with making more of the calories from protein to facilitate weight loss. I am not 100% certain on the bio-chemistry of it, but I believe that the body prefers to use fat for energy over amino acids. That would mean that it would first burn the carbs for brain food, then start converting my body fat into energy, followed by the protein if it needs it. It will also help me to use up more body fat as energy to build muscle from going to the gym. Please correct me if I am wrong in my thinking.

Because I am trying to loose weight. If I have a deficiency of around 8000-9000 kcal per month, I can theoretically loose at least 1kg per month. Also I am not replacing all my meals, only breakfast and lunch. I still like to munch on food once in a while, especially if it is being prepared by others I live with anyway. I include my dinner in the 1500 kcal to keep my deficit. What I mean is I prepare a 2/3 portion of my recipe for breakfast and lunch which I have throughout the day.

I have also added cocoa powder because I found it actually tastes much better. When the cocoa powder isn’t there, all that protein powder absorbs other flavors which are not so nice. I also add a few drops of liquid artificial sweetener. Has anyone had any negatives with regards to using an artificial sweetener?

Thank you Daniel, very good point on the protein it makes a lot of sense I will look in to it and may copy you.
also how do you get the protein powder from davis trading? do you get it through a business or is there some store like gillmors? Thank you

You email them your order and pay through internet banking. The 20kg bag is the cheapest per kg. It comes directly from Fonterra through Davis.

Is anyone using this recipe on a daily bases?
Would like to know how it’s been working out for you.

Hi guys :smile:

Finally, we have created a New Zealand product. Please help to improve the product by going to the website for a free sample and let us know what you think.


No Nutrition Facts?

Are the oats, etc. truly gluten-free?

Hi Syke,

We talk about the ingredients on the site but our formulations guy will give us the Nutrition Facts in a couple of days. We are manufacturing samples on Friday.

It is not gluten free - the oats contain gluten

We have updated our nutrition info page:

We are busy working on a customised vitamin/mineral premix so we’ll update that as soon as it’s done.

Aside from the oats, it’s gluten free. Typically oats can be eaten by 80% of people with coeliac disease without any problems although technically it’s not gluten free.

What are your thoughts?

Looks good. Will you be releasing the % RDI for the micronutrients?

Yeah, we are working on a customised vitamin/mineral blend that will bring all the micronutrients as close as we can to the RDI. We’ll update the exact details as soon as we’ve got it finalised but it will be designed so that you’ll get 100% of what you need.

What would be your most important requirements for us to get right?

Can I ask how you got involved in the Soylent scene Syke?



Check out the NZ Herald article that came out on Saturday, Michelle Dickinson reviews Sipreme:

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