Please Review My Recipe


I am a 15 year old male athlete who is 5’10" and 165 pounds. Though I initially planned to purchase official Soylent, I began developing this recipe in early August. I have since chosen to live entirely off of this formula. As I mentioned, I am fifteen. I find this very advantageous for my hopes of a soylent lifestyle. On one hand, my parents have refused to offer any financial support to soylent. (They are actually pretty great parents, they just feel that I should either eat ‘real food’ like everyone else, or pay for it myself.) On the other hand, I don’t have any other necessary expenses, allowing me to work entirely to pay for soylent. I am a bit disappointed in the cost; because I feel that low cost is one of the central tenants of the soylent idea. But, I feel it is a worthwhile sacrifice. Enough about me though; on to the formula.

The formula is designed to be high-calorie. It is designed to provide enough calories to compensate for: A) a high metabolism, B) the natural growth of a teenage male, C) intense training and D) muscular development.

I decided to stay in between the keto/paleo crowd and the high-carb/vegan crowd. I make ample use of both carbs and fats. Fats however, are the primary source of energy in my recipe, making up just short of 50% of total energy intake. I feel that monounsaturated fatty acids are the gold standard in fats, but that saturated and polyunsaturated both have a place. With regards to carbs, my primary sources have barely over 0 grams of fructose but are mostly very low GI. Trehalose is a glucose-glucose sugar with a GI of 32. Buckwheat has a GI of 45. Glucose is the one exception to my low-GI rule. It is designed to be used post-workout to provide my single insulin spike of the day, driving nutrients to the muscles.

This post is long enough though. So if you have any questions or comments please offer them. I just wanted to post this and run it by my fellow Soylenteers before I ordered the ingredients.

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