Please review my soylent recipe!


Hello everyone

I tweaked max’s Bachelor Chow recipe to contain only things in my local area (NE USA). I am a little concerned about the micronutrient ratios, but considering the price I don’t think it’s so bad. Truthfully I was not sure of the molybdenum content of those foods and could not find anything, so I guessed that the corn meal and flaxseed meal probably has enough.

Please, give it a harsh review,


Am I missing the link?


So that is an important detail. Sorry about that…

My initial reaction: that is a LOT to drink. I mean, it really feels like a whole day’s worth of food.


I would say get some oat flour and maltodextrin in there. The flaxseed meal hasn’t really been the source of calories elsewhere. My main concern would be, yes you’re under the maximums, but you’re still over the RDI’s by a decent amount in some places (Vitamin C for example). You’re going to end up making your liver work overtime to process most of what can’t just be passed through.


Whoa… That is a lot of flax. By far the biggest red flag to me is the amount of Fiber. Unless you have a good reason for that much fiber, and have slowly worked yourself up to that level today, were to try this recipe you would likely have serious gastrointestinal distress. You should work yourself slowly up to 15, 20, 30, but jumping straight in with 80+g is going to be bad news.

To cut down on the flax, you’re going to want another source of fat… usually people go with oil. Is there a reason you don’t have any? Olive, Canola, Peanut, Coconut, etc… That’s where most recipes’ fat comes from, so you could look into those. If you add in oil, I would also consider watching the Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio. Some people stick with Flax for Omega 3 (even though it’s in the ALA form), some people add in some fish/algae oil/pills.

Of course, cutting out the flax, you’ll be down on Phosphorous (and maybe Magnesium). P’s tough to get, but there are some posts on this forum that discuss it.

Other than that, I’d be cautious with the high levels of Niacin and Folate. Not critical, I suppose, and cutting down the flax will pull those levels away from the Upper Limit a bit.

Last thing is the large amount of Corn Meal… you might run into a taste/texture issue there. That’s a personal preference, though. I would generally suggest replacing some with maltodextrin, as @MumblesCrzy mentioned, since it doesn’t really have any flavor besides a little sweetness. Swapping some out would also bring down the Niacin/Folate without bringing you below any other RDIs. But this may not be necessary.


I want to avoid the maltodextrin because of its glycemic index.
Fish oil supplements won’t provide nearly enough Omega-3 unfortunately.
I edited it to cut it with oat flour, which seems to work nicely. I’m under my daily value for Vitamin C and Potassium though, and could probably use more carbs.


I think flaxseed meal contains more Omega3 than your recipe accounts for. According to this, 100g of flaxseed meal should have around 17g of ALA (plant form of Omega3).


Thanks for pointing that out!


I’m not saying you need to go with fish oil, certainly not with THAT amount of flax. But fish oil gives you the omega 3 directly in DHA form. Plant omega3, ALA, has to be converted to EPA and then to DHA. So a little bit of animal omega3 goes farther than the plant form.

Again, perhaps not relevant when you’re getting that much ALA to begin with.