Please review my soylent


I have been a long time watching and finally made an account and have attempted to create my own soylent. I was wondering if someone could have a look at it and let me know what they think.

Thanks in advance :smile:


Your phosphorus is low even for your low calcium level, and those omega acids will come back to cancerously bite u in the azz.


Jesus, I didn’t know you could even get a vitamin to go that high. I use flaxseeds in my recipe and I only use about 10g right now, they’re non-soluble and don’t have the most amazing taste/texture. Why do you have 55g of them?

As a rule of thumb you should try and get twice as much calcium as phosphorus because it’s good for your teeth.
Your phosphorus level is super low which is impressive but it does need to go up to at least the RDA if you can.

And I think the consensus here is that multivitamins give you a burst of vitamins that your body generally can’t absorb fast enough and you end up losing most of the value so grinding them up and adding them to your Soylent might be worth investigating.


You should try to double your phosphorus, and try to keep your calcium about double of that. I would also recommend trying to get your magnesium as high as possible (up to 1:1 with calcium), but that can be tricky since the upper limit for supplements is so low.

I assume that your flax is that high so as to keep a good ratio between your omega 3s and 6s? It might be worth your time to try reducing your omega-6, although that appears to be a consequence of the fat content of the recipe. If that’s not a flexible factor for you, then I think you’re doing the right thing by increasing your omega-3.

Do keep in mind you have far overshot the recommended upper limit for your omegas. You’ll want to see a doctor after taking it for a while - let them know about your unique diet.


I would replace the sunflower oil with palm or coconut oil. This will reduce the amount of polyunsaturated fats (which you don’t want to have a lot of) with some saturated fat, which is good to have in your diet.

If you go with the coconut oil, that also has medium chain tryclycerides which are reported to be very good for you, and in fact were added to the official Soylent formula back in June I think. You might have to use virgin coconut oil to get the full health benefits.


Thanks guys, this is exactly the reason i posted my recipe on here in the first place.

I have taken into account everything said and have made some revisions to my original formula.

I am still struggling with phosphorus though as i am unable to find somewhere to get it from to add to the formula.

Any more suggestions would be welcome and i am very grateful for all the help.

My revised formula :


Oats are quite high is phosphorus, it’s what I’m using.

You’d be better off with 2 calcium pills to make 100% instead of 183%.
And I think the magnesium citrate should only be 1.6g from your 2.6g which puts it about 97% for the recipe.


The reason I have not used oats is because I am trying to keep the carbohydrates under 25g.
Do you think I will be able to get enough phosphorus without exceed the carb limit?

I will make the changes to the calcium and magnesium as you suggest as well. The only reason I changed it was due to comments above saying that it was a low amount.


Huh, I duplicated your recipe and tried adding oats and it kept messing up somehow, not sure why.
I’d add 1g of rolled oats and it would add 40g of phosphorus for some reason. Maybe you’d have better luck?


I get a lot of phosphorus from cocoa powder. It’s about 7mg/g. Other than that, it’s in milk and rye for me, which probably wouldn’t work as well with what you have so far.

Your omegas look much better, but the ratio is now about 4.5:1 (o6:o3). This should not be a very high priority - more of a strict stickler kind of thing - but since you’re getting your omega3s from a plant source, it will be in ALA form. The body’s conversion of ALA to EPA to DHA is very low when you don’t have a good (1:1) ratio of o6:o3. So try to bring your o6 down closer to 2.5:1 if it doesn’t mess anything else up, or take a DHA supplement.


Hm that sounds strange grant I will have a look at it when I get home.

Thanks syntax I will have a look at cocoa and balancing omegas is a lot tricker than I thought it would be but I am determined to get this right :slight_smile:


I tried adding oats but the amount required to get the correct amount of phosphorus exceeded my carbohydrate limit by quite a margin.

The same can be said about cocoa powder.

I have added a fish oil supplement to balance out my omega 3s with 6s even though it exceeds the recommended daily.

I still have the conundrum of finding a phosphorus source but i wont let it beat me.

One thing i wanted to ask was in a previous post you recommended getting my magnesium up to the same level as my calcium which would be easy to do using the magnesium citrate but can you explain to me why please sintax?

Also this is my new reciepe:


Don’t fret too much about the minor balancing act at this point. I think what you have is good enough to start mixing it up and trying it out. Do what you can to improve, but if you find that nothing can be changed easily without having a domino effect on everything else, it’s not worth starting over - I personally think that’s the time to mix! :slight_smile:

Phosphorus: I would only worry about it if you do a full 100% meal replacement. If you’re still having 1 or 2 normal meals per day, you’ll probably be fine. Either way - but especially if you go full meal replacement - keep an eye out for any of these symptoms.

Omegas: Going over the UL for your omega 3s won’t, as far as I understand, be an issue since you’re getting part of it in DHA form, and it’s in good balance with your omega 6. That being said, with a significant amount of it in direct DHA form (fish oil), you wouldn’t need to be as strict with the ratio. 2:1 would be fine (especially if the cod liver oil makes it taste funky).

Magnesium: Some of us compiled all the sources we could find on optimal ratios a little while back, and we found that calcium should optimally be 2.5x your phosphorus, and magnesium should be between half of your calcium and equal to your calcium.

Those were from independent studies, but the more I dig, the more corroboration I find, so I’m just assuming that it would be good to follow both at the same time. Except for soylent, it creates problems with magnesium, because the upper limit for supplements is about 400mg. Be careful if you decide to go higher than that, do it slowly and be conscious of your bowel movements as magnesium supplements are basically laxatives (magnesium from food is not). I’m trying to figure out a solution now.


Thanks for the advice.

I think I may have found the solution to my phosphorus problem in:

The problem i have with this is that i am not sure of how much it provides of potassium and phosphorus. I have emailed the company asking for the breakdown and am waiting for a reply. If anyone knows that would be of great help.

I found your post on ratios almost straight after i asked the question but thanks for another insightful response sintax.

As for you magnesium problems i once read an article that said dietary uptake of magnesium was very inefficient due to the way we process it and that the best way to get it was through soaking in a bath with Epsom salts, absorbing it through the skin.I have used these baths before to help me after weight lifting sessions and my recovery increased greatly.

Have you looked into that way of upping the amount your body intakes?


Ok, so my quick estimation is that 1g of that powder should give you roughly 450mg of potassium and 180mg of phosphorus. That’s pretty cool as a source of potassium.

Here’s my work:
Dipotassium Phosphate has 2 potassium and 1 phosphorus with a molecular mass of 174.2.

Potassium has a molecular mass of 39 (x2 = 78)
Phosphorus has a molecular mass of 31

78/174 = 0.45
31/174 = 0.18

Is it ok if I move the bath salt discussion here?


Yeah it Ok to move it there.

Thanks for the math I was going to ask my friend with a degree in chemistry if there was a way I could do it.

Out of curiosity what causes the unaccounted for molecular weight?


All those bad boys. Most elements aren’t actually stable in their pure form. Phosphorus can come in more pure forms, like white phosphorus, but that would be pretty dangerous, I think. Phosphate is safe for ingestion and has a bunch of oxygen attached.


Thanks sin and everyone else you have been a massive help.

I will adjust my formula when I get in and then I think it will be a case of buying the ingredients and mixing it up.

I will keep a journal of my experience when I start.


Well another issue has cropped its head. I recently recieved the email about the full vitamin and mineral breakdown of my protein powder and it has some iron in it which has pushed me over the 45mg margin by 0.93mg.

Now this isnt much over the maximum however i am worried about this much iron intake due to a lot of the places saying males should get 8mg. Anyone got any advice on this?

Latest reciepe:


Fe is a tricky one. If you had any significant amount of phytic acid, I’d say you’d be safe as far as any toxicity concerns go, because phytic acid can dramatically cut how much gets absorbed. It doesn’t look like you have any phytic acid sources that I’m aware of though.

However, you definitely should try to drop your Fe by about 10mg if you can, and raise your Cu a bit if you can’t quite cut that much. Cu, Fe, and Zn compete for absorption:

  • Your Fe:Cu ratio is 23:1. You should get it down to at least 17:1, otherwise your Cu absorption is going to be inhibited.
  • Your Zn:Cu ratio is also just barely at one recommended upper limit of 15:1, so reducing that would be good for your Cu too.
  • Don’t let your Fe get to double your Zn, or you may have trouble there, too.
  • Don’t raise your Cu intake by enough to push the ratios below 10:1 for Fe:Cu or Zn:Cu.