Please take a look at my DIY recipe. All EBT. No supplements

I think it’s pretty much complete and safe but I’m no doctor. Cost is $5.04/day

The best thing about it is if you have food stamps it’s all eligible for EBT.

I’m hoping more learned people will help me refine the recipe honestly.


The only things I can see is you have 20g of mystery fat and I’m not real thrilled with the 80g of sugar.

Nice job. I’m impressed with the numbers you’re hitting, but it’s hard to review on phone… Will try to look more closely.

Are you planning to blend it all, or to eat some of it separately?

I figured the sugar would improve taste and also be an easy place to cut calories if I wanted to lose weight

The fat in the lecithin and total soy I think is the mystery fat.

I’m going to blend all the ingredients and grind all of the bigger stuff like rolled oats and the seeds.

Quite a challenge to make a foodstamp-friendly recipe. Impressive!

I applaud your thinking, and I hope the recipe works out for you. The sugar only amounts to about 2 cans of Coke, but I would still add some more fiber to help slow down those carbs.

I’m having a hard time with fiber, I actually reduced the fiber requirements of my nutrient profile to the RDA. I don’t really want to use flax because my recipe is already really high in isoflavones. While it’s suggested by the research that a moderate dosage of isoflavones is beneficial to male (and female) reproductive health, I would hesitate to take that to an extreme when the consequences could be me enjoying Katy Perry, or worse.

If you have thoughts on the subject I welcome them. One idea is to eat some celery but that isn’t very soylent-y.

Another tack to take is fixing the ratio of sugar to fiber, but I wouldn’t know a healthy ratio from a deadly one. More than any thinking man that is.

The WHO recommends keeping sugar under 5% of calories. There has to be an EBT friendly carb that isn’t a sugar or fiber.

Corn masa or oat flour?

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The masa was just what I needed in this recipe. It’s quite a bit cheaper than brown sugar. Now the daily cost is $4.75

That’s buying in bulk though. The first order will cost you a little over $300.

Just about all DIYs have that problem. Maybe make a version that doesn’t use the bulk versions of ingredients?

Looking good.

Do you want that much protein? You could save a good deal of cost with less protein.

Thank you for seeing that! I had plenty of room to eliminate the soy protein from my recipe. Now it’s $4.24 a day.

The cocoa is supposed to be really good for you, but I’m hoping it improves the taste noticeably. If not then I will omit it to save money. Females and smaller folk could also eliminate the peanut butter.

For now I’ll leave them in. The next step is to test it and see what I’ve gotten myself into lol. Unfortunately it could be 30 days until my EBT is ready.

Thanks for putting this together, Groulund92. This might help quite a few people who stumble across this in the future.

I’m impressed with this recipe so far. Beats the USDA’s thrifty plan all to heck.


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Groulund92, just as a matter of curiosity because I don’t know: How much does an individual (or family) generally get to spend via food stamps (EBT) on a weekly or monthly basis?

(Note: I fully realize it may vary by state or location.)

I’ve read the average is $200 with no set upper limit. ~$200 is the amount I planned the rotational buying schedule for so much less than that will be a real pain.

The reason it’s so variable is because it’s issued to households not individuals, and people over the poverty line also qualify they just don’t get as much.

I’m an unmarried, unemployed, 23 year old without kids so the amount I’m issued should be fairly indicative. I’ll be sure to share that information with you since you’re interested.

Cocoa goes well with the oats and masa.

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That is an average of $200/month I am assuming? (Not $200/week)

Thanks for sharing. Again, the info you are sharing should be helpful to many people in the future who are googling about with EBT and an interest in soylent solutions. Thank you so much for compiling the info.

Yes monthly. And shucks your thanks sure are appreciated. I’m happy to share lol