Plumbing problems (kitchen sink, that is)

I’ve been on Soylent for a little over a year. I’m using 1.5 as I’m not a fan of 2.0. Over the course of the year, we’ve begun to have difficulty with our kitchen sink backing up. We don’t have a garbage disposal. We’ve tried all the usual remedies and nothing seems to be helping; we now suspect it’s oil residue from rinsing the pitcher and blender after mixing Soylent. Anyone else have this problem?

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No problems here, yet. I’m afraid you may need to contact a plumber to get to the bottom of it, unless you’re handy.

Plumber has been called, and found a black, greasy buildup. Will be more diligent about diluting with soap before rinsing/pouring down the drain; hopefully that will do it.

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I think that kind of build up is normal. I’m not a plumber but I’ve cleaned out a couple drains (mostly bathroom sink/tub) and you always find a horrible glob of stuff in there.


That tends to happen eventually with any kitchen sink that is used regularly for washing dishes. It can take a really long time, but it does build up eventually. I just use Drano or some equivalent sodium hydroxide based product. It dissolves pretty much any organic matter, including the grease that likes to clog kitchen sinks. I use it a lot for the hair and dirt that builds up in my shower. Just be cautious; humans are made of organic matter too, so it’ll happily dissolve your skin and eyes just as well as your drain clogs! I wear gloves, goggles, and a lab coat while using it but that might be overkill.


I had that problem once with the kitchen sink and so when I clean the pitcher for the first rinse I dump it in the toilet. Haven’t had the problem anymore

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