Poll: 1.3 vs 1.4

  • I prefer 1.3
  • I prefer 1.4
  • I like both the same
  • I dislike both the same

just curious, thx


That’s hard to answer for some people. I like 1.4 better in every way (consistency, ease of making, ease of cleanup, satiety) except taste, at which I like 1.3 way better.


Yeah if I had to choose I’d say 1.4 overall but I think 1.3 had a better flavor. Although the longer I’m on 1.4 the less strongly I feel about that.


I enjoy 1.4 health wise and ease of use. It digests better in my GI.

I still can’t get used to the texture or the taste.

If 1.3 had the health benefits and ease of use as 1.4 but retained the taste of 1.3, it would be the perfect product.


I like 1.3 taste-wise, but I think 1.4 is better health-wise. I think that the higher fat ratio is more in tune with current thinking about fat vs carbs.


Dislike both the same. Lol “I don’t play favorites. I hate you all the same.”

But i like them both the same. I like the flavor of both but i dislike the consistency of both. I think that if they could get rid of whatever makes 1.4 thicken up (still think it’s the starch, not the oil) then it would be my favorite.


My cardiologist would freak all over the place if he thought I was getting 40% of my calories from fat.


yeah i hope they bring it down to 35% by the next version. Although i would not say the current version is heart-unhealthy, but since 35 % is the upper limit of percent of calories one should get from fat in their diet for an average person with an average lifestyle, i hope they bring it down to 35%.


I think 1.4 deserves more love than it is getting… I ended up liking both, but now that I can no longer remember 1.3 and I have been able to reduce the flavoring in 1.4 to a little orange oil and like it… and with it being better in my digestive system… I really like 1.4.
One thing I do see a difference with, 1.3 seemed to make me feel almost supernaturally great, 1.4 makes me feel normal very good. Not sure which one is more the real thing, kinda miss the ‘holy molly I feel great’ part of 1.3.


That part could just be that you’re used to it. I noticed that just starting with 1.0… for the first few weeks it was definitely that “OMG I feel awesome!” sensation and then after a while, I didn’t really notice it anymore. But when I tried to step outside my own awareness a bit and be objective, I realized I did still feel awesome, but it had become “the new normal” so didn’t seem quite as awesome anymore. lol :slight_smile:


I prefer 1.4 because I have no gas. 1.3 was almost usable for me. I’ve been using the last couple bags of 1.0 I had and I love the taste and texture. If I could have no gas with 1.0 I would be 100% happy. As it is I have to flavor 1.4 and add extra water. That makes it acceptable but not wonderful. I also like the higher fat content.

I think it is interesting that most people (so far) like 1.4 better but there is a lot more vocal 1.4 haters. Talk about mixed signals.


The only thing I like better about 1.4 is the lack of oil bottles.


How does anyone get past the 40% fat? Yes, “good” fat is harmless and safe – no one is questioning that. But, if you had a choice, is 40% fat really the ideal percentage? Really? There’s a reason most authorities suggest macronutrient ratios that aren’t nearly that high in fat. You need some amount of carbs that can be easily burned because fats are inefficient at being converted to carbs and then to energy. So, with a high fat diet (or high protein, for that matter) you feel more lethargic, your metabolism goes down, and you find it more difficult to be active. Thus, you gain more weight. Again, no one is saying fat will give you a heart attack. But, seriously, if we could pick any ratio, can Soylent really claim 40% fat is “ideal nutrition”? They’re being a little disingenuous.


Sadly, the authorities tend to sing from the same hymnbook. Until the hymnbook changes. And then there’s a new hymnbook they all sing from.

I’ve watched the rotations by watching particular foods: eggs, milk, meat, pasta. Each of these gets demonized or revered depending on the particular school of thought. Eggs, particularly, seem to go from “you should have at least one each day”, to “eating an egg a day is like smoking a pack of cigarettes”.

The currently emerging school of thought seems to say that the plan is to decrease the number of total calories you eat, preferably without incurring hunger or other deprivation. To that end, fat (as long as total calories are preserved) is considered an asset because it promotes more satiety as a function of its calories than do carbs.



I don’t think there’s much question that 1.4 is not the final version and I’d be shocked if macronutrient ratios weren’t further tweaked, but they did internal testing that led to the change in macronutrient ratios.

The data from internal tests showed that the reduction of protein, specifically from 114 grams per pouch in 1.3, to 84 grams per pouch in 1.4 resulted in greatly improved digestibility. Furthermore, the increase in unsaturated fats allowed for a more even release of energy.

So they do have testing data and reasoning backing up the changes.

And taking a step back, the ratios aren’t that different. 1.3 was 50/30/20 (carbs, fat, protein); 1.4 is 43/40/17.


I’m awaiting axpro’s delivery of a 60/10/30 carbs/fat/protein concoction that he has created for me. For tomorrow’s 20 mile run I have taken a 1.3 pouch (threw away the oil bottle) added a tablespoon of finely ground flax seed, two frozen bananas, a cup of instant oatmeal, and a scoop of whey protein isolate. I’m still trying to find the best nutrition combination before long runs and marathons. If I start running out of energy then I’ll know I have to tweak something.


10% fat seems kinda low long-term. Is this blend just for a short-term use like around race time?


I’ve had my fat intake less than 10% for the past year and a half or so. For my last physical my blood work came back perfect, every parameter within normal range. (That makes for a happy doctor.)

Even though I’ve run 23 marathons, nutrition around marathon time is an issue that I still haven’t figured out. Part of the problem is that I am trying to lose a few pounds and often times haven’t ingested enough to support the miles/paces I am trying to run. It is a bit of a balancing act.


1.4 does not have enough protein or fiber.


As far as making it as healthy as possible, they need to have less protein and more fiber.

Protein causes many health problems when consumed at too high a rate. I think it is currently at 120% of daily recommended amount?