Poll: Do food bars make you sick?

After reading on reddit that someone thought @Raylingh’s spreadsheet meant that “out of the sample of 23, 22 experienced vomiting (a ratio of 95%),” I’d really like to get some better numbers here. Obviously this isn’t a scientific poll, especially since there is a possibility that people will make or have made new accounts in order to influence the numbers one way or the other, but it’s better than the nothing we have now.

  • Food bars made me sick
  • I’ve not tried food bars because I’m worried they might make me sick
  • I’ve not tried food bars for other reasons
  • I’ve tried food bars and they have not made me sick
  • I’ve tried food bars and I’m not sure if they made me sick or not (comment below)
  • What’s a food bar?

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I know in the past we weren’t able to edit polls, so hopefully I didn’t overlook any obvious categories.


This is a really bad poll (no personal offense towards you, @wezaleff).

The people who come to this forum are mostly ardent supporters, or disgruntled users who look up a form to register complaints.

As far as Food Bars, I’m certain there are more people who have gotten sick than have registered complaints here or on reddit. But I’m also certain there is a much lower percentage of people who have gotten sick from Food Bars then the higher number that seems evident here in discourse (again, because a majority of people who get sick might find this forum, whereas a majority of people who don’t get sick won’t look to find this forum.)


I look forward to your more useful poll!


I’m going to start being more heavy handed if people can’t get along.


That problem would apply to pretty much any poll on here though, wouldn’t it?


I ate a whole box last month and was fine. I just got two delivered yesterday and have already eaten at least 3 and I’ve been fine.

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I don’t understand what messages Conor saw in this thread that prompted his threat. I don’t see how I can be expected to obey rules I don’t understand.


Probably people flagging the thread.

I just read the official emailed message from Soylent more or less telling me to cease and desist from eating my supply of bars. However, I only revisited the discussion board about a couple of weeks ago and noticed the danger thread but looked up my product codes and they were different. By then, I had gone through three boxes over a period of weeks and had no idea there was a problem. I use them for emergency rations (nothing in cupboards, don’t feel like getting into outdoor gear, grab a bar instead). They are also most of my breakfasts.

Far from making me sick, they work much much better than the liquid version for making me stop feeling hungry. They’re not delicious but I’m glad they’re not. I don’t want to eat them because of cravings but because I need calories for the next few hours.

I have recently gotten another four boxes. They’ve got the same product code on them and I’m half way through the first box. No reaction (aside from the cessation of hunger pangs).

I suppose it would be OK if, at my own risk, I munch on this order hoping that the company will sort this before I run out of bars?

The code on my “good” shipment is 08:17 B.B. 14JUL17 F1 1976.

BTW: I notice that there are quite a few similar threads. If this is in the wrong one, please accept apology.


Certain polls, yes. Every poll, not necessarily.

“Do you prefer v1.5 or v1.6” would be useful in certain ways. You’ve already got a small sample of the people who like Soylent, so you could gauge if you were taking a step forward or step back.

“Would you prefer a powder or a solid bar?” could help focus strategies on future products.

This poll is reminiscent of the Kinsey Report. That survey is the reason people still overwhelmingly cite that 10% of the population is homosexual. It was the only poll that found those results, every other poll puts the range in 1-3%. Two main problems with the Kinsey Report were that significant portions of the samples came from prison populations and male prostitutes, and that people who volunteer to be interviewed about taboo subject are likely to suffer from the problem of self-selection.

This forum (of which I am a big fan of) also suffers from the problem of self-selection.

So I agree with @wezaleff: I can not make a more useful poll.


I’m assuming it was a joke, as I clearly get along with @wezaleff.

(I could be wrong, of course. Hard to read intents online.)


Well maybe — but as you say, self-selection. It tells you the opinions of people who already know about and like the existing products. If you only want to sell future products to a subset of existing customers, awesome. Otherwise, similar problem? I think?

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If I had bars I would eat them, at my risk. I think the risk is overestimated. By the way, it’s good to see you here.


The bars have made me sick…but not every time I have eaten them. But it happens pretty soon after eating them, so I did suspect something. Glad to know it (probably) wasn’t my imagination.

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We have become aware via our support channels of a limited number of instances of people experiencing indigestion or discomfort following consumption of our Soylent bar. To date the number of complaints we have received represents less than 0.03% of the number of bars we have sold. While this is an extremely small number of complaints, and all packaged and prepared food products have some risk of intolerance, we take every single one very seriously.

The safety and quality of our bars is verified via a comprehensive food industry standard program. First, we exclusively source from qualified suppliers and use only those ingredients that include a certificate of analysis (COA) for rigorous physical, chemical and microbiological criteria. Second, the bars are manufactured at an FDA inspected, GFSI certified facility under a thorough food safety and quality program. Lastly, the bars are subjected to an additional microbiological testing program before being released from the co-manufacturer and sent to our warehouses.