Poll: How much Soylent do you eat?


Trying to get a feel for everyone’s consumption levels. All these choices are based on a month.

  • less than 25%
  • exactly 7 bags aka 21 meals = 25%
  • more than 25% and less than 50%
  • exactly 14 bags aka 42 meals = 50%
  • more than 50% and less than 100%
  • exactly 28 bags aka 84 meals = slightly less than 100%
  • 100%


I put 100%, but that’s just a “typical” day for me. I do still eat traditional food occasionally.


I don’t understand why you need to put “exactly X bags” in the choices. I’m 100% but eat 3/4 of a bag per day.


One of the questions I was trying to answer with this post was, “Is Rosa Labs selling Soylent in appropriate, convenient quantities?”


16 bags every 4 weeks would be perfect, for me.

I eat 100% on 57.14% of days. lol


I put 25% which would be true if RL actually shipped me my subscription on time. Mostly I have it for breakfast rather than one of the protein smoothies I was making before. I have done two meals a few times and never three. Now I am doing zero, since as noted above, out of product.


I wonder how many didnt go hundred percent also because of their fear of running out of their bags and having to wait.