Poll: How satisfied are you with 1.4? (Fixed)


To satisfy my curiosity (and for science!) I was hoping to take a poll of how satisfied everyone is with Soylent 1.4. I was going to have more detailed options but I think the simplest thing is to do a generic rating. I extended the usual scale with a couple bonus options as well as an option at the bottom for anyone who hasn’t ordered or tried 1.4 yet (both for negative and positive reasons!).

  • It’s perfect!
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
  • 1.4 literally makes me vomit!
  • I haven’t tried 1.4 yet and I don’t plan on trying it
  • I haven’t tried 1.4 yet but I plan to in the future

I’ll close the poll after about a week.



Dissatisfied. I’m fine with the flavour (even though it’s the least appealing of all the versions, for me) but I can’t get past the oily/slimy texture. I’ve found it’s more annoying to mix, as well - always seems to stick to the sides of my blender in large, gooey clumps. No other version did that.


Ok, just to explain my “I haven’t tried 1.4 yet and I don’t plan on trying it.” It is due to the 40% fat from calories. I would have stayed on 1.3 with the separate oil bottles forever.

Waiting for my custom 60/10/30 blend of carbs\fat\protein from axpro.


I don’t really understand all the hate. I’ve had 1.1-1.4 and 1.4 is easily my favorite. The flavor was weird at first but I barely notice now (on my 9th pouch, I do half a pouch per day on week days). I have less gas and my poops aren’t that gross beige color anymore. It’s less gritty and I don’t feel the need to swish my mouth with water after ever sip. It mixes with fewer shakes in the pitcher.

On 1.1-1.3 I’d often look at how much soylent I had left and think “ughhhh”, with 1.4 I’m at the bottom of my container before I know it.


Well, I don’t expect hundreds of people to log in to say that Soylent tastes fine. So the bias is for people who don’t like the taste to express their anger or unease. Yet so far, a commanding majority seems positive on 1.4. Interesting.


I don’t think it’s hate so much. But then I reserve the word “hate” for very dreadful things indeed and rarely use it for first world problems.

But a serious issue it can be. I once had a container of yoghurt that had a piece of slime in it. I was off yoghurt for about two years after that. That’s why I’m not taking the risk even though my current production method (full speed blender before each pour) probably prevents it. Oh and then there’s the tiny issue of reshipper and foreign exchange charges.

But hate? Dissatisfaction is certainly justified if a previously enjoyed product become inedible for any reason though.




Unable to handle the flavor profile whether warm or cold, unable to handle the oily aftertaste and oily texture, unable to convince myself to keep drinking it. I had to force myself to drink 1.4 due to all of these issues and I did not look forward to drinking it; which caused me to crave regular food.

Except for the gas problem, 1.0 was fantastic (never had 1.1, 1.2, 1.3).


So far a majority of people are satisfied/very satisfied with it… interesting. People keep saying that the saltiness is only a problem for a minority of folks, and I never really believed it until now (probably because I’m one of the unlucky few). I’ve only had one pouch so far, and I was definitely ready to flavor it and try again, so I just voted Neutral. Come onnn subscription!


I was one of original backers of soylent and have a two box a month subscription. I’ve had many bags of every single version. I’ve never had many problems with Soylent. Yes, it’s a little gritty, yes it’s a little greasy and messy to clean up after. I’ve always preached about how awesome it is to co-workers and friends alike…until now. Though I do think the drastic change in nutritional content is weird, I’m not a nutritional expert. I’ve survived drinking it this long and I trust the formula won’t kill me. Actually, drinking soylent often staves off sickness. However, this new soylent tastes so different and so bad, I might have to reduce or even cancel my subscription. I have a back up of 4 boxes of 1.4 and I seriously don’t know how I’m going to get through this first bag. I’ve NEVER had a problem with the taste and all the other things (texture, greasiness, gas) were bearable. This horribly salty taste…not sure I can. I know you’re having trouble getting the correct amount of salt in there, but there’s got to be a better way than making it taste like salt soup. I had high hopes for Soylent 1.4. Loved the idea of no more oil bottles. I’m very disappointed and frankly confused to see that people actually like this stuff. Simply said, it’s gross now.



I like the flavor, even though it tastes a bit milky to me (not fond of milk), but I can’t stand the texture after its sat in the fridge for a while. Even thinning it down isn’t enough at that point.


I have never tried any other soylent, but i like the taste! ordered some pb2 and some other flavors to really love it.


I’m not surprised that there’s bias on the “fanboy” side of things on this forum.


I am surprised, slightly. But you are right, of course.

It is a well known phenomenum that more people will make a complaint then share a compliment. (What is not well known is the ratio; I’ve read ratios ranging from 10:1 to 7:3.) And anecdotally, I’ve seen quite a few people create a di course account just to flame a negative review over multiple threads. So I expected more negative poll results.

Clearly your observation is more astute, though. The majority of people involved in a Soylent discourse are “fanboys.” They are the Soylent Pioneers that are most excited about the product and/or the company’s mission.

I guess my surprise is because it seems a minority of v1.4 detractors are more vocal, which played into my discredited theory. But upon reflection, the two approaches (fanboys and vocally dissappointed) are not mutually exclusive.



One item to consider is that the most extreme negative option will likely never be chosen, because I don’t think anyone has literally vomited from drinking 1.4 and I doubt anyone will. Whereas the top positive option is simply “it’s perfect!” Those two things are very much not each others’ opposite.


One person did say they vomited. But you have a good point.


Really? I’ve seen lots of hyperbolic “made me want to vomit” and the like, but I haven’t seen anyone say they truly did vomit. Maybe I missed it.


The person said he was driving in his truck going to work, and he had to get out of his truck to hurl behind some bushes. Or something like that. I couldn’t find it again using the search feature.


Yep, search for “projectile”.



Ah… yeah then I definitely missed that one. I guess he still needs to fill out the poll! lol


Great research skills!