Poll: Is "Future Food" Only For The Cash-Strapped?

TL;DR - How Many Rich People Would You Guess Are Fans Of The Future Food Meal Deal?

I was chug-a-lugging my “Future Lunch” this past afternoon while reading a recent article on medium.com. Then I got to thinking. “Mmmm this tastes really nice! How did I ever survive without it? I wonder if Elon Musk or Bill Gates would enjoy this nutritionally complete shake as much as I do?

Us “Future Foodies” clearly put a huge emphasis on being able to get a nutritionally complete meal for pennies a day. “The Old Fashioned Foodies’” pre-2013 notion of “You get what you pay for” is anathema to our subculture. Here the opposite idea, “the cheaper, the better”, is our credo.

But what if like the Musks and the Gates of the world, money was no object for you?

What if you had a practically unlimited budget to spend on food? Say you win the lottery and all of a sudden you could afford to buy anything in the world to eat.

If you were rich, you could also afford to pay people to prepare your food for you. So you yourself would be expending zero effort and time on food prep or washing dishes. Would “Pre-2013 Food” still be unappealing to you if you got to enjoy it without having to expend any time or effort on preparing it?

You could also afford a personal trainer to help you stick to a workout regimen. Keeping your weight in check.

You could afford a personal nutritionist to plan all your meals. So you wouldn’t be overwhelmed by having too many food choices to decide on. Your live-in nutritionist would be choosing the best food for you.

Evidently a previous survey which asked a whopping 4 questions, overwhelmed most who responded by presenting them with too much to think about.

So to appease those who complained that that previous survey was “too pretentious” I’ve cut the number of questions in half this time.

To make it even easier still, I’m not even calling it a survey this time. Instead, it’s a Poll

So have at it! Bon appétit :slight_smile:

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Even if I were wealthy, I would drink Soylent. Musk and Gates are by all accounts very busy people (well, Gates is retired now, but may still keep himself very busy with charity work etc). Nothing beats soylent-like food for being able to eat something fairly healthy with minimal interruption to whatever you are doing.

The only way I would stop eating Soylent would be if I had plenty of free time and a personal chef. I’m not likely to get either of those any time soon.


I would guess time savings and improved health could be goals for anyone regardless of income.
Although I would also guess the cash strapped are more likely to buy powder :slight_smile:




If you could stop the mild insults, I’d appreciate it.


If they stopped the insults, I’d be more inclined to answer some of their polls.


I can’t say the same, but I’m just a grumpy-grump.


It is so typical for someone trying to manipulate to get mad when the manipulation doesn’t work:

“Here, pick a card, any card…NOT THAT CARD, YOU IDIOT!”


Is “future food” only for the cash-strapped? Heck no. If we were much more cash-strapped, we wouldn’t be able to afford the 36 bottles a month we get right now. We’d like to order another case or two, but given the price increase, that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

My husband would gladly put back a couple of Nectarlents in place of other breakfast or lunch, but having two of us on Soylent just isn’t feasible as it stands. I only have it for breakfast; if it were cheaper, I’d happily have it twice a day.

If anything, large Soylent orders are for people with more money, not less.

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As I mentioned in the other thread, I’ll preface this by saying I’m a manufacturer of a meal replacement product in the UK, which may affect the validity of my responses here.

Due to the fact I am aiming for my own product to be optimal (as well as not believing natural foods are healthier): no, I wouldn’t switch to a different product.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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There is a way which I call “the modernDayWay”. Just click on the black “Block” in the middle of the control panel below…

Point of order! @Conor, would you please consider telling this guy to quit insulting people? I’ve seen you jump in when I thought you were overdoing your intervention – where are you when someone is obviously out of line?


I gave him a 48 hour suspension. Spamming for poll responses outside his original thread here and on reddit along with aggressive behavior was my justification. I’m not against polls but for anyone who wants to make one, make a thread and i’ll let you bump it once a week. If no traction occurs i’ll ask for it to be left alone.


Can you tell what finger I’m concealing I’m holding up?

That aside, when your ban’s over, I’m mainly unclear on what you mean by the whole concept of “Future Food”. I could do with a little more detail on that (expressed in as simple or as complex a way as you prefer; I’ll do my best to struggle all the way through to comprehension).


Hold on — I thought poll responses revealed everything the responder was thinking, as long as you read them slowly enough.

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