Poor communication of business skill


You should have told us you are unable to obtain the supplies so that we can make wise decisions concerning or money instead of lying about your business skill. A simple, “it will take us a few years to ship your order,” would suffice.


They were very honest about everything back then and they did tell everyone those things… They havn’t lied. They only miscalculated the amount of time their packers and suppliers would do the job they are paid to do… It is those people you can blame if anything :slight_smile:


You mean like…this? http://blog.soylent.me/post/82129644711/weekly-update-4-8

or this? http://blog.soylent.me/post/81321714817/weekly-update-3-31

or this… http://blog.soylent.me/post/79480695066/soylent-update-3-13

or this! http://blog.soylent.me/post/76397380218/soylent-manufacturing-update-2-11

These are only the updates where they had some news to share other than “No update on the brown rice protein.” Up until they started shipping, they were VERY open. I can appreciate you feel frustrated with this whole process though.


@squeedge is correct. This is already being discussed on the official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread.