Poor first experience - Looking for "flavor neutral" recipe?

So after waiting through months and months of delays I excitedly opened my first shipment of Soylent late last week. I was completely prepared for the texture and taste…or so I thought.

The texture doesn’t bother me, not even a little bit. But the taste of v1.2…it tastes like PlayDough, and I can’t get past it.

I’m not a hardcore nutrition guy, nor am I a fitness buff. I was and still am looking for Soylent to be a solid meal replacement for even just 50% of my meals.

So help me out, guys. I don’t need the most delicious recipe in existence, and I don’t need to augment Soylent’s nutritional value. I just need a recipe that will make Soylent v1.2 “neutral” - not tolerable, nor delicious, just neutral - without breaking the bank. Every recipe I’ve found so far requires me to buy large quantities of supplements in bulk, to the tune of $200+ to place an order an Amazon. I can’t afford that. I lost my job recently and was already seriously considering cancelling my order before it was delivered just to get the money back. I really am not in a position to spend another couple hundred just to make it palatable.

Recommendations? I’m totally okay with doing a 50%-soylent/50%-other-stuff meal (smoothies with just fruit and sugar/salt added?) but I’m not sure where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m interested as well. I absolutely loved 1.1, but 1.2 has some serious problems.

If possible, perhaps you can try to trade someone for 1.1. I found that a couple of tablespoons of chocolate syrup in 1.1 actually made it taste incredible. I was a big fan. It actually tasted “good”. Then 1.2 came around… and I don’t care how much chocolate I add, I can’t stand the taste. I literally tried doubling the amount of chocolate, and it barely made a difference.

So hopefully somebody here has a good recipe.

a little bit of Dark chocolate powder makes it more flavor neutral.

This worked for previous versions, but does not work for 1.2.

You might consider looking into recipes that use milk, eggs, or other easily-purchasable foods, if you don’t mind grocery shopping now and then. It usually is nice to buy in bulk to minimize long-term costs, but if initial price is a larger concern than long-term efficiency, you can buy regular foods locally as needed.

A few cups of 2% milk per day (a very milk-heavy recipe I put together a while back used ~5 cups) will go a long way towards satisfying fat, protein, and micronutrient requirements, as long as you can digest it properly. I thought it tasted nice, too.

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it ought to work the same way, the main difference in terms of flavor is half as much sweetener. which is what the dark chocolate is suppose to mask away, making it more neutral. (as long as you don’t add too much). I personally flavored mine with chocolate milk powder from nesquik.

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I seem to be in the minority here, but I added 4 drops of stevia to half a pitcher (so would be 8 drops for a full pitcher) of Soylent 1.2 and was blown away at how satisfying it was to drink. It didn’t bowl me over with any particular flavor… it just felt good to be drinking it. Kindof hard to explain, but it was remarkably different from 1.0 which I definitely enjoy, but don’t have the same kind of almost euphoric satisfaction that I did with 1.2 + stevia. It felt kindof like drinking a cool glass of water when you’re completely dehydrated.

Note that I did NOT have this sensation with just straight 1.2. It was only after the stevia was added… no idea why, and most others seem to have not liked stevia at all so, YMMV!

You’ve only been on Soylent for a few days and I’m guessing not anywhere near 100%. Give your tastebuds time to adjust. When I first tried my DIY I thought is was horribly blah and desperately wanted to flavor it somehow but I stuck with it as is. Over time my perception of the taste changed and now its not bad. It could still use some flavoring but I can drink it straight no problem.

Hey guys. Thank you all for the fantastic feedback!

Based on some initial commentors I went out and just grabbed some milk, chocolate powder, peanut butter, and brown sugar. I started with the milk + soylent base then did continual taste-tests as I added chocolate until it was no longer unpalatable. Added peanut butter to taste and just a bit of brown sugar.

Currently - and I’m estimating here - it’d look something like:

750ml - Milk, 2%
1/2 cup - Nestle Quick
1 1/2 tbsp - peanut butter
1 tbsp - brown sugar
1 package Soylent v1.2
1 bottle Soylent oil blend v1.2

Note, this is DEFINITELY not a long term solution. Ultimately, by calibrating mainly to the chocolate at first, I wound up with too much excess flavor overall. But I figured that since I’d had a bad first experience it was worth it to prove to myself that it could taste good with simple groceries as suggested :smile:

Over the next several batches I’m going to try all sorts of augmentations to the content and quantities(also, BANANAS!) and push myself closer and closer to something truly neutral rather than neutral-sweet, so I’d love to hear any other flavors you consider complimentary to Soylent

Thank you!

P.S. I’ll definitely try the stevia suggestion. Just grabbed some simple stuff from the corner store this time but am already making my list for the grocery trip tomorrow heh.

In my experience, you get used to what you are drinking. I changed my DIY around a lot of times. For example I changed from chocolate flavored protein to unflavored. The first day I didn’t think I would be able to handle it. The next day I had no problem at all. Later I bought more chocolate flavored protein and just about couldn’t drink it because of the flavor. The next day I had no problem. I’ve always tried to minimize so I actively try to remove all the stuff I don’t actually need from my DIY.

My suggestion is to find something you like and then remove stuff (slowly or quickly) to get something as satisfying and healthy as possible.


It’s good to hear that you’re testing out some options. I hope you find something that works for you.

I sort of misinterpreted your original question, though. I saw you talking about recipes composed of supplements ordered on Amazon with a large initial cost and assumed you were looking into DIY alternatives to the official blend (DIY soylent “recipes” instead of official Soylent flavoring “recipes”). My milk suggestion was mainly about putting together a new soylent recipe from scratch with a lot of nutrients from milk (in which case you might avoid expensive whey protein purchases). I’ve never used milk to supplement official Soylent and have no idea about whether it would help the flavor. It could also make things more complicated because milk is nutritionally rich. You don’t want to go overboard on the calories by having a bunch of milk on top of a day of Soylent.

I’m sorry I read that wrong. I do like the idea of peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, and other easy-to-find additions, though I don’t use them.

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Thanks for the clarification. I immediately considered the nutritional impact milk would have on the official soylent recipe, but - at least for now - I’ve written it off as within my own personal acceptable margin for error, since I’m not using Soylent as a 100% replacement for food. In other words, if a pitcher of my recipe lasts me 2 days instead of 1 because it has milk in it, that’s a-OK with me.

I second the stevia advice. A few drops of that really mask the “vitaminy” flavor and make it very satisfying (at least to me). I really enjoyed soylent 1.0 and was trying to mimic the flavor, but I think I prefer 1.2 with sweetener.


Hah so I’m not alone in that. I too found 1.2 with stevia to somehow be more satisfying than 1.0. :smiley:

@neatchee, do yourself a favor and pick up some PB2. They sell it at Target and elsewhere. The chocolate version is a little better. It’s a quick and easy fix to improve the flavor without ruining the nutrition.

Best deal by far on PB2 is through Groupon - but it’s 6 1lb jars so you kinda have to want a lot of it. :smile:


Great suggestion! Thanks so much. Didn’t know “powdered peanut butter” was a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps PB2 + Unsweetened chocolate powder + 2-3 drops Stevia is something to try? Throw in a banana for good measure? :smile:

Yeah, the chocolate flavored PB2 is actually not very “chocolately” so adding some cocoa powder might be a good call. And if you use a banana, try freezing the banana first. I just learned in the past year how awesome smoothies are with frozen bananas. It turns them into milkshakes. Some people might say just add ice to get the same effect, but no, try using a frozen banana folks! (Note, peel some ripe bananas and chop them into half or in thirds, then throw them in a plastic bag and freeze them.)

Yeah Soylent makes for an AMAAAZZZZZING smoothie base. Citrus in particular (full disclosure: I like citrus =) goes outrageously good with it, especially orange & pineapple are my faves.

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Something to keep in mind about the taste of Soylent, specifically how “sweet” it is depends very much on what kind of food you are used to. I know that the typical American diet is much sweeter tasting than the food you might get in Europe.