Poor Man's Recipe


Saw this recipe on Reddit, what do you guys think of it? Looks like it would be good for beginners…



Sorry, just added it.


Soylent isn’t out yet and we already have a hobbyist movement?


Clearly we do as you can see a lot of other people making it.


I was going to use that recipe to test the spreadsheet I’m building. Will post when it’s ready.


~1500 kcal a day - this is weightloosing man’s recipe, and severely so! :smiley:


True, just ordered the 2 of the Serious Mass. I figure I’ll use like 1 1/2 servings a day to bring it up to ~2000 calories


I think the type of people Soylent appeals to is likely to be the type of person who is very DIY.


Apparently the author just added choline to the recipe, just saw that now-so don’t forget that


I might have missed it, but I also found no fibers on his list.
That’s gonna be fun in the bathroom!


The setup for the unit tests of your spreadsheet is insane. 1) invent a whole new food type…


Thanks for pointing that out – author has also added monosodium phosphate since I last saw it.


Here’s it thrown into my new spreadsheet (be on the lookout for bugs – still a WIP): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An47A5ffL2KVdGhQLU1kLXdfdmhFVGlpaEc0R1QyV0E&usp=sharing
measurements are in g or IU

As you can tell, the amount of each nutrient can vary quite a bit from rob’s suggestions and it’s missing some stuff. If you copy this to your own spreadsheet, you can tweak the serving sizes of each ingredient and see how it affects the total nutrients


Awesome thanks a lot


This recipe has 680mg of magnesium - ain’t that too much? don’t wanna suffer magnesium overdose! And you’re also getting an excess of Rob’s reference value for calcium. I’m no expert, but just looking at the numbers, it would be much better if you reduce the number of servings from 2 to 1 of “NOW Calcium/Magnesium”:

with 2 servings as in the spreadsheet:

  • calcium is 1.69 but Rob recommends 1
  • magnesium is 0.68 but Rob recommends 0.4

with 1 serving of Now Calcium/Magnesium:

  • Calcium would be 1.19, which is closer to 1
  • Magnesium would be 0.43, which is much closer to 0.4 and I dare say, safer

This formula is also missing chloride and has maybe too little sodium. And this is really simple to fix, just add some salt - you must surely have some in your kitchen, don’t you? =)


Thanks for pointing that out – I started off with the package’s suggested serving size (to make sure my calculations matched up). Edited it to 1 tablet and it’s closer to the desired values.

I’d like to also reiterate that I didn’t come up with the formula – I only built the spreadsheet to analyze it (and other formulas in the future) :slight_smile:

Also, in case anybody is not aware – you can go to File>Make a Copy and have it on your google drive so you can play around with it and tweak ingredients/servings and add your own ingredients to the ingredient sheet and make your own formula sheets.


Just a warning that serious mass (the protein powder) tastes absolutely disgusting.


Which flavor did you get? Banana was alright for me


Thank you tor this very handy sheet!
can someone please look at my version? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsouGfNbhd7RdFU4eGJLSGJ4YXpYeWk0cmg5eThlWnc&usp=sharing
it is composed from mine local eshops, because amazon wont ship to me (:/)

thank you for any suggestion!


Hello, I’ve been reviewing this recipe and I am considering getting started with this, I’ve never done anything like this before so I am a little scared of the consequences. Does anyone know if the recipe on the the original website has been updated to include the changes mentioned? I don’t want to overdose on anything, but I am also not good with grams etc. I like the straight forwardness of “one cup this” “two tablespoons that.”