Posable actual medical uses for Soylent


With several states having medical marijuana or decriminalizeing it for recreational use got me thinking. THC is fat soluble and can be infused in cooking oil. There are plenty of sites out there showing you how. You could use such an oil in your DIY soylent or add some fish oil and replace the oil that comes with Soylent. This could have interesting implications for people undergoing intense chemotherapy. Not only would they be getting their medication that relieves some of their symptoms and gives them an appetite but also get balanced nutrition at the same time.


I wonder if the stores sell it already in oil form, for cooking.


From what I understand the clinics do sell the infused oil for their clients that prefer not to smoke.


Can smoking Soylent get me high?


I’ll get back to you with my opinion pending the results of today’s vote on Medical Marijuana here in Florida :wink:


Sadly no. But if you add a cabinoid infused oil to it and drink it :smile:


What if I put some powdered THC into the soylent powder and then smoke that in a crack-bong or whatever it is the kids use for their illicit substances?

(the issue of medical marijuana is really funny to me because I would likely never use it, even though I’m pretty sure I actually do have mild glaucoma)


Do they have powdered TCH?? If so I think it would be a waste of good Soylent to burn it when you can just burn the TCH powder… I’m kinda with you I don’t think I personally would use medical marijuana either.