Positively surprised


Just wanted to share my experience quickly.

I’ve been drinking Soylent for about a week now, replacing around 75% of my meals with Soylent. I was at first planning to go slower but honestly… Soylent is pretty tasty, haha! I was worried that I was gonna hate it cause I normally do hate protein-drinks and what not, and that I was gonna get fed up with the taste after a while, but so far… I’m actually looking forward having my drink.

In the beginning I was really hungry though. I try not to drink more than 1000 kcal a day as I don’t want to consume more than 1300 kcal a day (and I eat fruit and other stuff during the day to complement the transition)((also, I’m small, so 1300 kcal a day is what i should be eating to maintain my weight)). So I was worried about that, that I’d drink too much Soylent because of hunger and cravings, and gain tons of weight… but it got better after just a day.

I suffer from migraines but haven’t experienced any since I started on Soylent. There is a tingling beginning of a small headache sometimes, but I just drink water or have more soylent, or eat a fruit and it’s usually gone. Nothing compared to a full-blown migraine.

I’m not tired or feel malnourished and I can work out normally.

Overall, I’m so far pleased. Next week I’m gonna try to experiment with adding some flavor to the batch since I just got a new blender. Any tips are welcome (not adding a ton of chocolate though as I try to keep it healthy haha!)


Chocolate is very healthy! It’s the sugar and fat in a chocolate bar that can be a problem, but the cocoa is actually quite good for you.


Replace that with the phrase empty calories. Nothing wrong with sugar or fat, of themselves, as long as they’re part of some sort of healthy balance. :wink:

An ice cream binge now and then is probably better for you overall than stoic suffering and repression.


Haha sorry, I didn’t mean cocoa, I meant that I’ve seen people put in a whole bar of milk chocolate and highly question if that’s a good idea.

How much cocoa do you think one could add to get a nice, not too strong chocolate flavor?


I’ll let people chime in who’ve experimented with flavoring Soylent… I haven’t.


I can tell you that I add 10g of cocoa powder to my DIY recipe for a days worth so you can use that as a starting point. I haven’t tried it yet with Soylent and some people on the boards seem to indicate it is hard to flavor.

Of course the easiest way is to make up a pitcher like normal then when ready to eat drop in a few grams, shake, taste and repeat until you have the right amount.



I just added a cup of frozen berries into a blender and poured some already made Soylent into it. It gave a pretty nice, not too strong, flavor.

I think Soylent already is pretty easy to drink but now with the berries it tastes more like a smoothie. Not sure how much I fucked up the calories though…


I add 2 Tbsp of dark cocoa powder to one days worth of Soylent.