Possible Choline Source


I have been taking the standard Choline tablet that I think most people are taking. Doing some research last night to decrease my costs I found the Hard Rhino Choline powder on Amazon:

Does anyone have any experience with this? Would there be a reason to avoid it?

It doesn’t appear to have a scoop or anything, so I will have to weigh it to make sure I get the 500 mg. But this should make it easier for me to break it out between my 4 shakes rather than taking a vitamin in the morning.


Most people actually don’t take pills as they are, but grind them up.

There is nothing wrong with using a powder instead, if you hav a way to accurately dose it. :slight_smile:


I think that my scale does miligrams but I will double check before I order this.

I guess the main reason that I am looking at this is the cost is quite a bit cheaper.
The vitamins are about $0.09 per serving while this is $0.02 per serving.


I am currently using this Alpha GPC: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007ST1P8M

This is “pure” powder, with nothing to prevent clumping. It does not come with a scoop and sticks to my stainless steel measuring spoons (and everything else it comes in contact with) like no other, so it can be kind of messy. I ended up emptying as much as I could out of the foil bag into an empty pill bottle (one with a decent seal to keep moisture out). A lot of it stuck to the lining of the bag, and 25g (the size I purchased) is not much at all, so that’s a little money down the drain, considering the price.

I’d read that Alpha GPC is the best form of Choline, but it’s far more expensive, and I don’t think I’ll be buying it again if the significantly cheaper Choline Bitartrate is sufficient.


Aw crap my scale does not measure miligrams.

Thanks for the response. I am not sure that the one I am looking at is as pure as that one. So hopefully it has some anti-clumping / anti-glue-yourself-to-everything agent.
But since my scale does not have the accuracy needed, I think I will just stick to the tablet form for now.


To help with your measurements, according to my milligram scale, a level 1/4 tsp (a TAD, see below) of choline bitartrate is just shy of 600 mg. A level 1/4 tsp (TAD) of choline CDP is 300 mg. I take one of each every morning.

I bought my bulk supplements from Health Supplement Wholesalers - good product, good price and no shipping issues. I recommend.

Choline CDP - 300 mg - $ 0.25 per serving
Choline Bitartrate - 600 mg - $ 0.02 (just over two cents) per serving

CDP is $20 for 25g
Bitartrate is $4 for 100g

I really hate the labels on the mini-measuring spoons…
Tad = 1/4 teaspoon
Dash = 1/8 teaspoon
Smidgen = 1/32 teaspoon
Pinch = 1/16 teaspoon
Drop = 1/64 teaspoon


If you prepare the powder mix for a few days in advance, it might be easier to measure with a 1g scale. I take 1000mg of choline bitartrate a day - preparing soylent for one week would need 7g, and at that scale it doesn’t matter if my weighing is correct or if I actually have 6 or 8 grams.


I order my choline from Hard Rhino. Its great. I measured out with my scale and is approx the same size as one of my tiny measuring spoons. Which is nice so I dont need to weigh every time. I lb goes a long long way.


Thanks for the response.
What size is your tiny measuring spoon?

I found a couple of cheap scales on Amazon that will work. But I am not in a rush yet, as I still have another 90’ish days left in my current Choline.
Actually now that I think about it the real Soylent will be release before I run out of Choline.
Well that was 20 minutes of my life I won’t ever get back.

Hmmm as I refactor my recipe I should probably avoid the things that I won’t run out of.


Reviving this thread to ask:
The DRI is 550mg of pure Choline (C5H14NO).
How big is the difference to Bitartrate (C9H19NO7)?
I would say you probably need some more of it, but don’t know how much exactly.


Choline Bitartrate is ~40% Choline.

Myprotein says : http://thehut.pantherssl.com/design-assets/documents/myprotein/coa/678.pdf
Purebulk says : http://purebulk.com/choline-bitartrate-powder.html

And after some more research i believe 40-41% is the right number.
Plus, let’s try to do some maths:

  • C5H14NO (Choline) is 104,1708 g/mol
  • C9H19NO7 (Choline Bitartrate) is 253,25 g/mol

104,1708*100/253,25 = 41,13

So you need ~1340mg of Choline Bitartrate to reach 550mg of Choline.