Possible distribution from Ireland


After searching through a few different discussions about the lack of distribution throughout Europe I’m thinking I could possibly take up the slack for Europe I’ve been following for years and multiple “soylent but not soylent” products have popped up so there is clearly a demand in Europe.

I have a few questions about it.

Would you be interested in buying from a European distributor?

Is soylent interested in distribution in Europe?

How long is the shelf life of soylent? I own a gym in Ireland and I have a few rooms empty that would be great for storage.

Could we buy in massive bulk from the States?

How could I go about becoming a licencee?


Sounds like you are offering to become their European distributor. You should probably talk to Rosa directly, it would be a shame if you bought huge piles of Soylent only to have “official” distribution start the next day. And if they don’t want you to distribute it there, they can probably make your life difficult, so best to know in advance.


Thank you. Ya I contacted through their website directly but as I’ve been watching the forum for a few years I decided to throw it up here too to gauge interest I know they are more than a few ordering from copycat sites.


The problem is in importing a food stuff for resale in the European market.

In the first place the nutritional label would have to be changed for European sale, but beyond that there’s a lot of different food regs that apply over here that don’t in the US.

It took Huel a long time to be able to expand into US based sales due to needing to reformulate, Soylent would need to do the same coming the other way I think.


To answer quickly.

  1. Already have one.
  2. Yes.
  3. 1 Year from production.
  4. No.
  5. We don’t do that.


Is that as exciting as it sounds?