Possible fix to slime/texture problem in 1.4


TLDR Add whey protein!

I’ve seen quite a few reports of the slimy texture of 1.4. I’ve been with Soylent since 1.3, and definitely noticed it upon switching to the new version.

While the texture hasn’t been a huge problem for me, I did find a solution that seems to do away with most of the sliminess. I’m pretty active and needed additional protein anyway so I did an experiment.

Day 1: Made Soylent at approximately 6pm. Tasted it, no sliminess.
Day 2 Morning: After sitting overnight, there was a definite increase in sliminess. I continued to have for breakfast.
Day 2 Night: Added one scoop of NOW whey protein isolate (unflavored) and shook the shaker bottle vigorously. Had for dinner, and there seemed to be a significant decrease in sliminess.
Day 3 Morning: Still significantly less sliminess. The consistency of the Soylent was more like milk at this point.

I think this may have been mentioned before but I just wanted to put it out there, as it may be of help to those who dislike the consistency.


I reported this ages ago (a month or so) but no one cared. I assumed that people found something else to hate.


Can confirm the whey protein seems to address the sliminess. My first two pitchers of 1.4 were straight from the package, and definitely had the slime after sitting overnight in the fridge.

On my third pitcher I added 60g of unflavored IsoNatural Original (which I’d been doing to 1.3 as a way of adjusting the macros, to lower carbs to help my A1C), and was happily surprised that the slime didn’t seem to form the next day.

On the fourth batch I mixed without protein first, then after confirming the slime had formed, I added 60g to the pitcher and hit it briefly with my stick blender… and presto, no slime, pretty much instantly. Just creamy and yummy.

I mixed a batch last night with only 30g protein, and noticed the barest hint of slime… more noticeable when pouring than when drinking, I downed a glass for breakfast and the texture seemed fine.

In case anyone’s interested, adding 60g protein to 1.4 changes the macros to about 39% carbs, 25% protein, 35% fat.

Hat tip to @springchicken for beating me to the punch on posting this, and to @geneven for getting it even earlier… sadly I didn’t see your post when I searched about 1.4 & protein.


Can you describe the effect if any on the flavor of V1.4?


Using 60g of protein, I get just a bit of the protein’s… “cardboardy”?.. flavor. Just a hint though, easily overlooked when drinking it. And I’ve had a couple glasses where I’ve blended in peanut butter with banana, and PB2 with powdered chocolate, and didn’t notice any problems with the protein.


For those of us eating Soylent to reduce our carbon footprint or for other vegan reasons, there’s still 1) diluting it considerably, or 2) mixing it a serving at a time so as not to let it soak.


Maybe someone could also test to see if pea protein has the same effect.


Considering that the protein is unflavored, it doesn’t have much of an effect on the flavor. You can buy the whey protein flavored, but I haven’t tried that.


I think I was one of the few to try this early on. It did seem to get rid of the slim the first time I used it but not the second. I always dilute with water anyway so I’m OK either way. I had some gas issues when trying to get rid of my older versions of Soylent and my DIY soylent. I guessed those were caused by the extra protein as well as v1.4 going back to the older potassium(?). I skipped the whey protein after that.


I feel that having to add/buy more stuff (and calories) to make the slime go away isn’t an optimal solution.

I’m just waiting for 1.5.


If most people agreed on a solution, that would dispell what has been a mystery to most of us. And if we could present the solution to Rosa Labs, that might affect what 1.5 becomes. Passively waiting might not produce the best result.


Definitely it’s not optimal, but if it allows me to use my existing 1.4 to enjoy all the benefits and conveniences of Soylent, without needing to gag on the slime, I’ll happily live with the inconvenience until (presumably) slime-free 1.5 comes out.

You’re right about the additional calroies… adding 60g protein increases total calories to 2240 for a whole pitcher. I used to drink 16oz for 500kCal and 12oz for 325kCal, now I go with ~14.5oz and 11oz respectively. Some people might not prefer reducing the total volume they drink, so adding about 6-8oz water per batch would keep the kCal/oz ratio about the same. Still a bit inconvenient, but IMO it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the benefit.


If you feel like giving it a try I’ll throw out a recommendation for the flavored Nutrabio whey isolate. I’ve used all of their flavors in my DIY and enjoy them, though found some were best when cut about 50/50 with their chocolate flavor.


Thx, added to my wish list.


I agree, protein powder is a good way to eliminate the slime. I personally add optimum nutrition powder to almost all of my soylent, and those batches are never slimy. However when I go for straight soylent, if I let it sit, it can be quite nasty… I’m not really into drinking a liter of snot tyvm. However I can largely solve the problem by just adding some more water and shaking it up again.


I also use whey but I use concentrate by bulksupplements brand. I really like the cheesy taste the concentrate adds (and it does improve the texture). good with some ground chia seeds and peanutbutter powder. I feel like soylent has more carbs than my body wants, so this has been a nice small breakfast for me to start the day with as of late.


Just add more water, as much as you can fill it up. Also, shake every time.


Also awaiting 1.5, have my subscription on hold, not canceled. Might try the whey protein interim fix with my remaining 5 bags of 1.4. Have tried downing a batch of 1.4 twice before, gave up each time and tossed out nearly a full pitcher each time. Just can’t seem to handle it for whatever reason.


Try the Soylent Swap thread? More and more people seem happy to trade there leftover v1.3 for v1.4.


Yep, I just discovered this myself.