Possible Spam Issue?

It’s been 48 hours since I used my well guarded email address to sign up for this Beta program and my inbox is FLOODED with spam. I have several other accounts for signing up for things, even ordering online I usually use a throwaway account. But since I thought this beta thing should be tied to my soylent order email, I hesitantly used that email. Giant mistake.

That’s weird. I signed up as soon as it was posted, but haven’t received any spam. Could it be your email provider? I used to get tons of stuff back when I used Yahoo.


I’ve received six spam emails since I signed up on Wednesday, but I’ve been using this email address for eleven years. I don’t normally check my spam folder, but a quick glance shows that I have received between 1-7 spam emails per day for the past 30 days. Six would be on the high side for a single day, but I signed up 56 hours ago.

I’m also curious what “FLOODED with spam” means these days. I used to get a ton more (at the same email address!).

Fun fact: All six are selling erectile dysfunction pills, penis enlargement devices, or both!

Actually, I just realized I have a separate “well-guarded” email (in the sense that I never use it or receive any email at it). I will sacrifice it in the name of science!

I’m all signed up. I’ll report back when or if I start getting spam at that address!


You guys should check your spam folders more often, there could be hidden gems in there. I found a letter from a Nigerian prince, he’s going to fill my bank account with money. You snooze, you lose, suckers!


I must just have a really good spam filter or something; I hardly ever receive spam in my inbox. Like once a month at most.

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So far no spam

I’ve had the same publically available email address from Yahoo for 20 years or so and there has not been an increase of spam since I signed up for the beta project.

I don’t even notice spam anymore since switching to gmail years ago… only occasionally spam gets through… If the spam is not actually a virus or phising… but spam for an actual product… you can often unsubscribe.


Gmail + Google voice = No (email+SMS) spam

I haven’t noticed any uptick in spam, but I don’t usually see my spam except when I check out once a month.

No spam increase for me. (I used one of my many gmail addies, for the beta program) FWIW.

It can be a good thing to have many different email accounts, each for a different purpose. I imagine the majority of you already do something like that.

Gmail user. Signed up a few hours after the invite got pinned.
No spam on my end.

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I signed up Wednesday with a yahoo account; haven’t received anymore spam than usual, but it goes to my spam folder anyway.

Did they ever start allowing images through on google voice texts? That was the one downside that kept me from switching when I tried it out a few years ago.

Another Gmail user here. The only stuff I’ve ever seen in my spam box since switching to Gmail has been stuff that I actually signed up for and then later marked as spam when I changed my mind about wanting them and was too lazy to unsubscribe. The only exception I was able to find was some kind of home insurance thing from last week. No spam ever gets into my inbox, though. And this is the address that I give out willy-nilly to places that I expect will probably send me spam…

Meanwhile, when I look at my old Hotmail account, there’s around 30 new unsolicited emails per day in the spam folder and 2 or 3 per day in the inbox! Not sure how that happened, but that’s why I stopped using it.

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I don’t know how to do it (can you tell me? :blush: ) , but I somebody should call for a moderator to change the thread title.
I can feel the OP, but he is jumping to conclusions too fast. Something like ‘Receiving loads of spam after signing up’ or similar should be more productive.

Update: Thanks!

Three days since I signed up at my alternate email address: one confirmation email received, no spam.