Possible to lose fat if consuming Soylent without oil mix?


The fat content in one Soylent serving with oil is 37%.
Without the oil mix, its 8% per serving. (24% daily)

So does it mean if I don’t add the oil, my body will start using the fat stored in my belly and body and I’ll lose all those extra fat cells or reduce their size? That would be nice. Hopefully its possible.


a common myth is that fat ingested is the same thing as fat stored in our bodies. The fact is that the fat in our bodies is created with the carbohydrates that we dont use as energy during the day, not with the fat that is consummed. The oils in Soylent are actually necessary oils for the heart and brain, they wont be transformed into fat in the body (That’s the carbohydrate’s job)


I’m also curious about this as I’m looking to lose a few pounds. I was thinking about nixing the oil to do this too. I’m just not sure if adding the oil and just drinking less Soylent would be a better option or not–it sounds like the texture’s better with the oil anyway. Maybe someone more informed could chime in.


Latem makes a good point, drinking less soylent would reduce the amount of carbohydrates ingested (future fat), so fat loss would then follow. The problem with that is this: lets say you only drink 2/3 of the pouch during the day divided in three meals, you would then only have 2/3 of the nutrients that you body need in order to burn fat. The best thing to do here is to drink soylent, maybve take a 1-2 protein shakes during the day and go to the gym to do some interval workout sessions, that is the best way to burn fat.


I’m pretty certain it is the best way. At first I considered omitting the oil as well but quickly realised it’s needed and that just consuming less would be better. There are some nutrients that I’ll be down on (anything that isn’t at least 45% in a serving I’m going to be less than 100%) but I think it’ll be okay and if not I can try and work out a vitamin that will make up the rest.


Assuming you mean “lose fat”, since loose fat sounds kinda weird.

Removing the oil without substituting with other omega and sat fat sources is generally regarded as a poor idea. It could lead to depression and other issues if Soylent is your only meal option.

Please leave the oil in the mix and simply reduce your caloric intake.

You could cut the oil from Soylent and still not lose any body fat if you don’t control your calories. Makes much more sense to leave the oil in and use restriction of calories to control this.


The oil mix is necessary for proper nutrition. If you want to lose weight, just drink less of it, there are enough tolerances on the nutrients that you don’t need all of it.


It’s LOSE, not LOOSE, ahhhhh!!!


Ok I fixed the heading to say ‘lose’.

Alright, I guess we consume the oil too then. The brain needs it as someone said. “Brains are rich in cholesterol”, says the Plants vs Zombies game.


I don’t know. Maybe @Q11 planned on loosing fat off like missiles


I’ll chime in to point out that not only does dietary fat not equal body fat, but that the nutritional deficiencies caused by omitting the oil could actually cause your body to retain fat. Burning fat is actually relatively resource intensive/stressful to the body and if you’re not providing the necessary nutrients, your metabolism will probably slow down to match the level of carbohydrates you’re consuming.


My only comment would be to start off with the recommended amount of soylent and wait a week or two before deciding to decrease your intake - you may not be fully aware of how the soylent will affect you. You might find you actually need more than you think to just maintain your weight. So monitor your intake vs weight gain / loss and adjust from there.


I wont be doing the full Soylent diet for now. I did the $70/month subscription so its 21 meals. I’ll be mixing in with regular food and just testing it out to see how it goes. There’s probably going to be more chemicals/components added later in later versions.

But I came to the right place. People here know their stuff :smiley: I’m glad I asked the question because I’m sure others had similar questions about the oil. We’re used to seeing oil and go “Noo, less of that”. But I guess in this case its a calculated necessary amount according to what others said.

Maybe later on there will be some kind of special Soylent with the aim of helping people lose weight (a special diet and exercise to go with it).


Losing weight is about calories and metabolism, not about where those calories come from. Increase your metabolic output (e.g. burn more calories) or consume fewer calories and keep your metabolism the same. You’ll lose one pound for every 3600 calories you burn, regardless of whether your calories are coming from almost all protein (atkins) or oil (ketogenic) or carbs (college.)

Eating fat does not make you fat, nor does eating less fat make you less fat, unless you adjust your diet’s calories in / calories out, and have an otherwise healthy metabolism. Soylent gives you all the nutrition you need to maintain a healthy metabolism, so after a week or so of eating it, your body is going to be fueled correctly. If you start counting how many calories are going in, and watching your weight, you’ll be able to see your basal metabolic rate as a function of calories in.

Add in a 20 minute walk every day, or a low-impact exercise session, and don’t consume any more calories, and you will lose weight. Over time, that weight loss can be significant, and it takes a minimal amount of discipline. The harder way would be to ramp up to higher impact exercises, and to restrict calories in by 10-15% at the same time. This takes more discipline.


You’ll loose about 100 calories by walking 20 minutes. Eat 2 tablespoons less of Soylent and you’ll loose more calories and use that 20 minutes to do something productive. Want to loose weight? Consume 1/3 of the daily Soylent allowance and supply the missing vitamins with half of a vitamin pill. You’ll loose weight this way much quicker than walking 20 minutes a day.

I lost close to 20 pounds in 30 days by consuming 1 scoop of raw meal (roughly 150 calories) for breakfast and having 2 550 calorie portions of soylent for lunch, dinner. After the weight dropped off I simply adjusted my calorie intake to maintain the weight and i have NOT walked a single mile or did any exercise. exercise is way overrated for weight loss, it can all be done easily through calorie management.


That’s doable - but a 20 minute walk has more effect on the metabolism than just the calories burned.


There are a lot of things being talked about where restricting your calories too far is unhealthy and counterproductive. 1/3 of your needed input is rather extreme; a 500 calorie deficit per day gives you a health 1lb/week weight loss.


I agree with @Mystify, @jrowe47, @unsynchronized.

I highly suggest that you spend several weeks or a month consuming just the regular Soylent amount. See how it affects your body first. After all you are making a huge change to your diet, you need to get a baseline before you start tweaking things.

Also I would suggest against decreasing the amount of Soylent that you intake just to lose weight. In a normal diet it makes a little sense to eat less to try and reduce your calories. In a normal diet you are getting a lot of excess stuff, just so that you can get the required nutrients that your body needs. This is the exact opposite of Soylent. Soylent already contains an optimized amount of micro and macro nutrients for the average person. So unless you are quite a bit smaller or quite a bit bigger than the average person you should be just fine with suggested Soylent amounts.

If you dig through my old posts, you will find a formula for either losing or gaining weight. It does not take into account different metabolic rates, but it should give you a pretty good idea of the amount of calories you should be consuming. You just have to know what your desired weight, and desired body fat percentage should be.

One last warning. Be careful taking extra supplementation while on Soylent. Meaning that if you do decide to consume less Soylent, be careful with what vitamin you decide to take to make up for the lack of micro nutrients. Based on the amount of calories that is required in my DIY version, I was unable to find a multi vitamin that contained low enough amounts of some very toxic nutrients. This forced me to start making my own multi vitamin that I take. If you think that consuming 2/3 of Soylent and then taking a Centrum to make up the difference, you might be mistaken. I have not run the numbers, but I would be really concerned that you will reach toxic levels of certain nutrients.


There is a major misconception that you absolutely need to consume an entire pouch each day to get enough nutrients. Remember that the nutrient levels are scaled for your diet (that is why there is “Based on a 2000 calorie diet” verbage at the bottom.) Lee_Ars had this misconception during his original 1 week beta test and it made him miserable to force down a whole pouch. He ended up contacting Rob/Julio and found out that he really only needs to consume what he feels comfortable consuming as long as he consumes at least 1/2 of a pouch per day.

I’m on DIY soylent (getting better every day as I adjust it to my tastes) and what I’m finding is that just having the thermos bottle of soylent always next to me at work means I don’t get up and head to the snack table and graze off of it. THAT is cutting my calories in per day to the point where I might actually need to consume ALL my soylent before I get home and eat my muggle dinner on days I work out or I might not have enough calories for safe weight loss.

Drink your Soylent with oil, see how much your body wants and start with that. Odds are, you are adding weight/weight too much because of your unhealthy eating habits (be that too much, or what kind). You may very quickly find that you are losing weight WITHOUT trying to because you have fixed that problem.

One big caveat is not to chase the feeling of being full. You won’t get the feeling of fullness much. You will feel like you aren’t hungry, but not that you are full (which really is generally a more pleasant state to live in, but the mind insists something is wrong because the expected sensation isn’t there). I’ve gotten so used to having the physical sensation of fullness that it has been weird to walk around and never feel full all morning (until dinner, when I pretty invariable feel full).


The oil makes the taste more complete, and definitely more enjoyable. I was thinking of deep-frying soylent fritters, if i can figure out if the oil is still nutritionally sound, and if the amounts are correct.

Deep fried health food. Yum.