Possible to select more than one reward?


Will it be possible to have a single backing result in two rewards? I am trying to get a month’s supply for myself, and a week’s for my wife, but the pledge page only allowed me to select one (I pledged enough to get both).

It would be nice if it could all be one order, but I’ll change my pledge if I need to. I’m just not sure the best way to accomplish what I’m going for.



At this time in order to keep our fulfillment organized, you’ll have to pledge multiple times to get multiple different rewards. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your support!


Okay, can I do so from the same email address, or should I have my wife sign up for her own?

Thanks for the quick response!


you can use the same information, it’ll appear as a discrete order for us, but we’ll probably be able to ship them together. enjoy!