Possible tooth problems in long-run



I’m not a soylent user, but I have an observation for soylent users.
The all-liquid food may not be good for your tooth/gums.
The good old nature’s rule: if you don’t use it you lose it.

This is being empirically backed up by the tooth problems that one of my relatives has. The person had some teeth absent, which resulted in gums in that area of mouth not being exercised, which in turn resulted in bone tissue dissolution in that area. Pretty much like it’s described here: http://www.implantdentistryinstitute.com/pdfs/Changes%20in%20the%20Jaw%20Bones.pdf

I believe this issue deserves better investigation and some of you guys should consult with a dentist about this.


I believe that most people are chewing gum, but you have to be careful not to swallow it. A person posted a less than enjoyable experience when he swallowed the gum and had to pass it with out any other wast to help it out the exit hole :smile:


Bone density is dependent on the amount of strain you put on the bone, so jaw exercises would indeed be recommended.


I’ll be using chewing gum indeed.
If it turns out pure liquid is just not enough (digestively spoken), I’m also keeping the option to chew on a mini salami every day, you can chew a while on that.
Even better for chewing is probably beef jerky, but that’s not cheap, and not everyone’s taste.


I’d just not take Soylent at every meal.


You may be able to chill it to a solid, depending on the ingredients, and make a “food bar” out of it (or popsicle :smile:). Depending on the temperature, some people may have adverse affects if it’s too cold due to tooth temperature sensativity, though.


Well, in that case, if you don’t care about taste/texture, you can always use less water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Freezing the whole thing though makes no sense to me: One of the purposes of soylent (at least for me) is to not have to eat anymore.
Just a quick drink and done you are!


I would recommend a piece of leather, gum is not firm enough.


I’ve stopped chewing gum because of the fact that it takes so long to decompose since it’s made up of either rubber, wax or plastic. Also, not that great for you, health-wise.


Gum is not bad for you. Just make sure you get the non sugary one.


Do note that sorbitol, an sugar alcohol used in a lot of sugar free gum, is a laxative. Combined with Soylent, that might end in weird results.


Can’t wait to hear the war stories.


A reminder re: chewing gum.


I don’t think that the sugar alcohol in a gum would be ingested in large enough quantities to produce a noticeable adverse effect.


There was a case in the British Medical Journal of two patients who consumed 15-20 sticks of gum a day and had some serious bowel problems (http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20080110/sweetener-side-effects-case-histories). So, the lesson is, don’t do that.


Sorbitol is used in medical practice to treat constipation. The dosing is 27-40gm daily. Remember, these are just a few case reports, and thus shouldn’t do more than serve as a caution. If you aren’t chewing 10 sticks at once, and keep the daily amt < 15 sticks you will probably be fine. Besides, there are “sugarless” gums that don’t use Sorbitol as their sweetener.

For non-purist Soylent drinkers I recommend eating a fiber bar or 2 daily, and remove fiber from the Soylent. It improves the texture of the Soylent, doesn’t add too many extra calories, but still covers fiber needs and gives your teeth a a job to stay strong.


2 half fiber bars or even 4 quarters (and chewing for a loooong time) over a day, with the soylent, might be better, just to make sure the soylent doesn’t shoot through you, if you know what I mean.
A very good idea though!


By the way, there is sugarless, flavorless gum: http://www.amazon.com/Falim-Sugarless-Plain-Gum-5-Pack/dp/B0036ZH0S6. It’s a turkish product, with a very plain flavor apparently. Haven’t tried it myself.