Possibly Allergic or Sensitive to 2.0?

So I decided to try Soylent 2.0… First three days I only drank 1 bottle a day, but I had severe stomach pain and minor headaches(possibly unrelated). I didn’t drink any yesterday and only had a headache (I get them a lot so no idea if headache is even relevant)

Im going to try a bottle this evening and see if the stomach pain comes back. I might also just try to keep drinking it and hope my body gets used to it, after the first bottle I decided to order a months supply and its probably too late to cancel, which means I cant afford any other food anyways…

Has anyone else had any of these symptoms? Did they fade after you got used to it?

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I would drink slower.

So far I have only had 1 bottle a day, spread out into at least 2 ‘meals’. I cant chug the whole thing at once lol

Maybe try to go down to 1/2 bottle a day if I still feel side effects when I try it again later today?

The two things that are pretty common from new users that could contribute to headaches are the increase in potassium from a “typical” diet and a decrease in sodium. You would adjust to each of these pretty quickly, but as you said you’ve not sure the headaches are Soylent related.

I had some stomach pains on 1.1 when I was brand new to Soylent, I attributed them to drinking too quickly (like 400 kcals in 20 seconds) and haven’t had problems since then with stomach pains including using 2.0.

Are you eating enough other food (like at least another 1400 kcals/day) if you’ve only used one bottle of Soylent spread over two meals (that’s only 400 kcals)? It could just be that you need more food.

I dont think it could be the potassium, I drink Vitamin Water a lot to make sure I get enough electrolytes, since I know that is one of the triggers for my headaches/migraines. I had been hopeful that Soylent could help with those, actually.
It could possibly be sodium, but two of the days I had Progresso soup with Soylent+coffee on the side, so the soup should have had enough…

I did think at first that the pain could have been hunger, but it didn’t lessen at all when I tried to eat more. All three days I had Soylent around the same time of day, and I noticed the pain appeared and disappeared around the same time each day as well. Conveniently, the pain was worst while I was working, and faded shortly after I got home lol

I was already restricting calories before I started Soylent, and the days I tried it I actually didn’t count Soylent at all in my calories for the day, I wanted to get used to it before actually trying to use it as a substitute.

Hmmm, yeah potassium and sodium probably aren’t the issues if you’re having Vitamin Water on non Soylent days and Progresso on Soylent days, hopefully others have some other ideas, those are the ones I had based on my experience, good luck.

Ok I drank about 1/4 of the bottle over the evening and have not noticed any ill effects. Ill drink the rest of the bottle tomorrow and see.
Maybe I was just stressed, or sick…

I’m intolerant to both milk protein and soy protein (and possibly lactose). Soylent powder (1.5) is no problem for me (although I do have a slight intorelerance to the gums they use). Soylent 2.0 is a complete nightmare for me - the soy protein gives me flu like symptoms and a really bad stomach ache.
My guess is that your intolerant. Look up “fodmaps” it might just change your life😄

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Maybe you have a food Intolerance. I have plenty. I couldn’t have Soylent either (I tried a couple weeks of it even, drinking it slowly too). I have IBS (it can be either Constipation or Diarrhea) and I found the only thing that helped was following Monash University’s advice on Low FODMAPs. (FODMAP=Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols). FODMAPs are carbohydrates (sugars) that are found in foods. Some people are intolerances to all some of these carbs, others only a few. Reading up on this may help you… a lot.

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I looked up a FODMAP list, and I have never noticed any problems with most of the other foods on there.

When I drink too much Soylent at one time (>1/2 bottle) it does still upset my stomach, but not as bad.

This has happened to me as well. Soylent Powder is fine, and awesome for me as I am allergic to the vast majority of common foods… wheat, soy, corn, most veggies, most fruits, etc… but I just tried my new order of 2.0 and after two sips… throat became scratchy and face was flushed… scared to drink it all. Color me bummed… I suspect it must be the Soy protein in 2.0 that the powerder doesn’t have. I don’t think the soy lecithin bothers me.

Hope they don’t add that to the powder!! Now what to do with this case I can’t drink… :confused:

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Ask CS for a refund and give it to someone you know.

maybe it was mycotoxins from mold you didn’t notice?

I loved 2.0. Soylent has been the first drink that has ever actually left me feeling satiated afterward. I was drinking 4 or 5 bottles a day and was perfectly content. And then all of a sudden I began having stomach issues a couple months ago. I was under a lot of stress at work, had been taking a daily baby aspirin for a few years, and I think I developed an ulcer or something (was experiencing symptoms very much in line with IBS sufferers). Not to mention years of terrible diet before Soylent. Now I don’t seem to tolerate Soylent very well. I’ve become very sensitive to what’s going on with my gut and what I put in it. I had a Drink 2.0 today for the first time in a couple of months and immediately noticed my gut didn’t like it. Nothing outrageous, just some slight discomfort that I’m afraid would turn into excruciating pain within a week or two if I continued with it. Disappointed to say the least. I’m considering trying to keep it up but only having a bottle or two per day, along with other food, to keep the gut microbiome diversified. Anyway, my two cents, FWIW.

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