Possibly the easiest way for DIY soylent


So I stumbled upon this site when I was looking into doing something similar before I even heard about soylent. It’s a site that lets you put together your own mix of protien powders, carbs, etc. Like a make your own protein shake thing. It’s got a really good selection, it’s cheap, and it can provide pretty much everything in soylent other than trace vitamins and minerals, which you can get from a multivitamin. It also gives you the nutrition facts on your mix, though it’s only for a 30 gram serving. I don’t feel like doing math right now but creating a soylent mix should be as simple as putting in the right ratios. Anyone wanna give this a try and report what ratios to put in to make soylent?


Okay, messed around with it some and I found this combination is closest in macronutrient and fiber ratios
Rice Maltodextrin (35%), U.S. Milk Protein (20%), MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides (20%), Waxy Maize Starch – Amylocel (20%), Psyllium Seed Husk Fiber (5%), Lecithin (Soy)

daily serving would be 1.3 lbs. Mix costs 240.83 for a month’s supply, plus cost of multivitamin. So maybe not the cheapest, but probably the easiest.


Thanks for posting this. It’s really awesome but I’m trying to figure out if this is close to the Soylent recipe. Soylent can have as much as 2000 calories a day+, and each serving of your stuff is only 126 calories. Have you had to eat a lot of scoops to make this work or what? How about olive oil and all the micronutrients like biotin and so forth. Seems like a lot missing. I’m definitely looking for some shortcuts but I’m not sure how close of a match this really is?


this would really just be for the macronutrient side of things. basically this would give you 99% of what you would need in soylent, all the protein and carbs and possibly fats. you would still need to add micronutrients and electrolytes. so basically this plus 14 grams of Morton lite salt and a once a day multivitamin and you’re pretty much set. you could lower the amount of MCT powder (which is really just coconut oil and maltodextrin) and add in some olive oil to give yourself more fat variety and cut down cost. the nice thing about this approach is you can experiment with different proteins and carbs rather easily.


Their prices aren’t bad, so you could potentially buy them separately if you want more flexibility in tweaking your formula.


yep. some of the best prices on protein and carbs around. really most of the price above is the MCT powder, so if you add your own fat it’s probably as cheap or cheaper than all the other sources. I’d actually like to see this used for a blind test of macro nutrient ratios. like, get the tubs, add fat as needed, and then cover the labels and try each mix for a week. then you could take the winner and start tweaking micro nutrients from there.