Post nasal drip aggravated by Soylent 2.0

I normally have mild post nasal drip but a daily saline rinse makes it go away.

I started to notice that when I drink a bottle of Soylent 2.0 my post nasal drip comes back within 15 minutes.

To be sure, I alternated for a week having Soylent twice per day and just solid food three times per day and recorded the results.

On the days where I had Soylent, post nasal drip came back after each serving and stayed for four to six hours after.

I wanted to find out if it was an allergic reaction, so I went to Stanford’s medical team and asked for an allergy blood test, which tests for many common allergy causing foods, and the test results showed no reaction to soy.

Maybe you are allergic to algae???


I agree. The algae (in its current form from Solazyme - not the idea itself) seems to be causing many, many problems.

I wonder if that’s it!

I don’t think the Stanford test tests for algae.

Could you elaborate on those problems with some citations?

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It’s simple!

  • 1.5 didn’t have algae
  • 1.6 does
  • some people have problems with 1.6 who didn’t with 1.5
  • therefore, algae causes many, many problems

Science works best when you keep it nice and vague like this.


Citations please.

Also please refrain from degrading the conjecture with pejorative statements like “it’s simple,” implying that the inquierer is a simpleton.

Lets try to be civil.

Yeah guys let’s try to be civil.


I think the person who said “it’s simple!” was joking. So those who took offense should probably monitor their own reactions.


You monitor your own creations! :wink:

Okay this post has devolved into veiled insults and is no longer productive.

Thread closed.

Who is lookaspiritbear? If he has the right to declare threads closed, do we all have the right to open and close threads?

Thread closed!

Naw sorry — I didn’t mean to derail it; and you’re quite right, I haven’t added anything constructive or that relates to your actual problem. For what it’s worth, I hope you figure it out.

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I have horrible (24/7) PND and I have noticed this also, not so much that it deters me from drinking it or gags me, but it’s glad to know I’m not the only one.

Think it’s because 2.0 is thick and kind of sticks in the throat?