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Uhhh… anyone care to set the record straight about this? I can only speak definitively to the “mold infested warehouse” which was as any regulars around here know, only used way way back in the early beta days. Man talk about FUD…


Ridiculous fear mongering, most likely just spam and/or trolling. Best to not feed, especially after midnight.

Been discussed at length before, the op should probably be moved into this thread…


Your numbers may be wrong. The Soylent webpage the op cited shows for each bottle <4.29 for arsenic, <4.29 for cadium and <2.15 for lead. Those numbers are footnoted and the footnote indicates that the testing procedure wasn’t precise enough to provide numbers below those amounts. They must have used a more precise procedure for the powder because the powder numbers for the same metals are much lower.


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Also, it is my understanding that the rice protein was replaced with soy protein. I believe that was done in part to address the concern the op is raising.

So some of the facts are wrong or at least debatable in the original post. However, the cherry picking of the comparison foods seems like a legitimate criticism of the Soylent website to me.


You joined here ten hours ago. Your topic and the way you introduced it strongly indicate you are probably a troll. Just because historically some people have been called trolls and were not does not prove you are not a troll.

I have been consuming Soylent for most of my diet for three years and have not had problems with arsenic poisoning.

I don’t intend to put a lot of effort into investigating your charges because I have seen them before and they seemed to me to be without merit.

If you became a trusted member of this community and then said the same things I think you would get a better response.

The “cherry pick of the comparison foods” has been brought up before and is a good point, but not worth discussing further to me unless someone with established reliability has something to say about it.


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been here from the beginning yet all you can do is say bad things about the company? that doesnt jive


@rriskokot , to show you’re not a troll, you should address the comment made by @Original1 that these dangerous levels you refer to aren’t actually the levels in the product. They are the upper bounds, limited by the measurement accuracy. The actual levels could be anywhere from zero to that level. Do you have any evidence that the actual levels are dangerous?


its hard for me to believe someone has been drinking soylent from the beginning as he stated, yet isnt happy with it, if i wasnt happy with something for several years i think i wouldnt keep consuming it and visiting their forums


I don’t know why the op is now bringing up the age of the people on Soylent Discource in such a negative tone. No one has mentioned age, and as far as I can tell we come from diverse age groups.

I don’t like to accuse anyone of being a troll, but when I saw the unprovoked refrence to age, it reminded me of the guy who, once he got mad, made cruel attacks on the character of people who drink Soylent and eventually got banned a few months ago.

I’d prefer to keep the discussion to the facts and debating any reasonable points people want to raise whether they are newcomers or not.


In addition to the rebuttal points noted above, and seemingly as-yet not addressed by the OP, that (1) Soylent switched from rice protein to soy protein years ago; (2) the unsanitary warehouse conditions OP mentions were only the case in the company’s earliest beta days, not with the shiny modern production facilities Soylent has likewise been using for years now; (3) there’s an entire thread devoted to the Prop 65 issue; I will add that (4) the issues OP notes some customers having last fall with Soylent – basically extreme gastrointestinal distress in reaction to the product – occurred only with iterations of the product (one version of the powder and the food bars) that contained a new ingredient, algal flour. A small subset of the human population has an intolerance for algal flour that results in exactly such gastrointestinal distress, which is why you will find similar complaints (again, from a small minority of consumers) about other products containing algal flour, such as VeganEgg. Although most people can digest algal flour with no issue, Soylent promptly pulled the products to which some folks are intolerant and reformulated them, which appears to have successfully eliminated the issue. If the culprit were arsenic, then the GI issues would have been happening consistently all along instead of popping up suddenly among some customers in response to a new formula, and then going away after reformulation. Also, the sudden and acute nature of the symptoms seems much more consistent with a food intolerance than with potentially consuming a quantity of arsenic that is slightly higher than what Prop 65 considers safe for regular consumption (as opposed to a dose of arsenic large enough to cause acute poisoning symptoms).


Personally I suspect that with the quantity of Soylent I’ve ingested over the last > 3 years, if there were toxic levels of anything in it, I’d be a goner. Or at least deathly ill… when in fact I’ve never been healthier, at least in the last 20 years.


Excellent rebuttal. One additional point on the algal flour, quoting something I posted earlier:


Also, as the person who brought the abdominal issues with the soylent bars to the attention of the wider community, I’d still be willing to try the bars again once they’re reformulated. I expect that Rosa Labs will be FAR more stringent with testing after the lessons of last year.


And as someone who got sent to an ER in an ambulance after eating a Food Bar, I too am looking forward to the reformulated Food Bars. I’ve only ever been an occasional user of Soylent products and there is no way that my sudden problem was caused by a gradual accumulation of tiny amounts of arsenic or anything else.


Wow, and here I thought in the THREE separate times I’ve gone on 100% Soylent for thirty consecutive days that I felt perfectly fine, if not better than usual.

Oh well, I guess all the stuff that TC mentioned was poisoning my brain so that I didn’t notice.


You can check whether your symptoms from eating the food bar are common to an allergy :


My impression is that no one went on 100% Food Bars, interestingly.