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He’s not a troll. Yoda he is!


Thanks, Rockvole, I hadn’t known about FoodAversions.com. I don’t have any of the issues they list, and my only food allergy is to shellfish. Rosa Foods fingered the algal flour that they bought from TerraVia and assuming they’re right then the future reformulated Food Bar should be okay for me (though to be on the safe side I’ll let a lot of other people try it first!). I do agree that an allergy is what I would suspect when I’ve eaten something a bunch of times with no problems and then the next time have an extreme problem. Rosa Foods has used the word intolerance, not allergy, but maybe that’s the only reasonable thing to do when they can’t be sure that an allergic reaction is involved.

Hmm, now I wonder whether the other people who reacted to Food Bars have a shellfish allergy. (Shellfish and algae both come from the ocean…) I suppose it’s unlikely, but if true that would be verrry interesting. @Raylingh, maybe it’s another datapoint for you that I have a shellfish allergy.


California Proposition 65 is a classic “science by popular demand” measure that is law primarily because litigation lawyers wanted it. Companies already harassed enough in California have to now post inane warning labels and signs telling customers and even passersby of every possible carcinogen that might be present in whatever infinitesimal amounts. I am sure the amount of cadmium, etc., in Soylent is far below any levels that would be harmful.