Post Workout soylent


I realized that this might be relevant for people who are either currently working out and considering Soylent, or are currently on a DIY or Official Soylent and want to add exercise.

I’m training for the Virginia Super Spartan (which is August 23rd, so just over a week away) and started consuming DIY some time back with the intention that it would help me recover post workout better. At 36 years old, it isn’t as easy to recover from my workouts as it was in my 20s, especially given my relatively sedentary lifestyle and I thought that ensuring I had proper nutrition (and specifically things like Potassium) would really help me recover.

Right about the time I started my DIY (2x a day) I started also transitioning away from lifting towards running. I had built the base of strength and now needed to boost my endurance (the race is 8 miles over ski slopes). I did lift a couple of times on my DIY and did okay. I did seem to notice that I used MORE of each muscle for a given lift, but that could just be confirmation bias.

When running I pretty quickly got into the habit of drinking at least 10 oz (about 400 calories in my blend) to as much as 20 oz of soylent immediately after my runs. I generally run before dinner and would consume this soylent in addition to my conventional dinner. I didn’t notice a whole lot from this. I generally still didn’t want to run the next day, but I felt okay. It wasn’t until I went on vacation and decided not to bring my DIY with me but I continued to work out that I noticed the difference.

I became exhausted about 24 hours after my runs. I ran 6 miles on Thursday morning and Friday morning I was wiped. I ran 8 miles Sunday afternoon and by about 7:30 on Sunday evening, despite an extra cup of coffee (and consuming soylent for Breakfast/Lunch that day) I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I ran 7 last night but for various reasons didn’t drink any soylent last night either so we’ll see how I’m doing when I get home tonight.

My general guidance would be, depending on the workout and goals, drink an extra half to full meal portion immediately following your workout to aid recovery and don’t be afraid to work out hard on Soylent. (With the official stuff, make sure you add the required salt)


Very interesting. I only started working out after I started DIY soylent. I don’t go too hard, but I haven’t noticed it wearing me out. Good information and probably pretty close to being right. :smile: