Potassium Chloride


is kind of the most disgusting stuff I’ve ever put in my mouth. I don’t know what it is, exactly, but everything about it makes me want to puke. My current recipe has five grams of the stuff and it completely ruins the taste so far. Unfortunately it’s my main source of potassium and chloride.
I also have three grams of trisodium citrate powder, which I haven’t even added yet because I’m worried it’ll mess up the taste even more. I know I can put all the powder in capsules, but I feel like if I do that, why not just take a multivitamin and a bunch of capsules and drink a protein shake with carbs.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make it more bearable?


I can’t imagine for how much potassium you need for the RDA you’re not going over the UL for chloride. Keep in mind that potassium chloride is 52.445% potassium, and 47.555% chloride.

I use a combination of potassium chloride, potassium gluconate and iodized salt which has worked out pretty well so far.


Here’s a link to my spreadsheet.

It looks like you’re using a bit more potassium chloride than I am, actually.


Whey powder is pretty high in potassium. If whey is your protein source you may not need as much additional potassium as you might think.


I think gluconate is a bit easier on the taste (only from what I have heard, haven’t sampled chloride personally). I also suspect however the RDA for potassium is a little on the high side (and related to the SAD diet high sodium intake), so I don’t go all the way to the RDA as my sodium is fairly modest…

I use mostly potassium gluconate with a dab of dipotassium phosphate


Taking large doses of potassium in pill/capsule form is not a great idea. High concentrations can cause tissue damage in the stomach or small intestine. Better to dilute it (unfortunately).


I switched to potassium chloride because for me, it’s cheaper than potassium gluconate and available locally. My local grocery store sell potassium chloride as a salt substitute.

Potassium Gluconate doesn’t have a strong taste at all. I find potassium chloride salty, as advertised. I add a bit of common white sugar to cover that up.