Potassium Citrate question/issue fatal?


On People Chow 3.0.1 - “Tortilla Perfection!” it says add 6g of Potassium Citrate.

My only question is why when I go to purchase this stuff I see this warning "WARNING: Too much potassium is toxic, even fatal. Do not exceed the suggested amount.

As a dietary supplement, take 275 mg a day, or as directed by physician. Due to potential toxicity, use of a digital milligram scale is necessary."

So why should I be eating this when it says don’t go over 275mg and this is 21x that?


Too much potassium is definitely capable of killing you. It is used for lethal injection to stop the heart.

That being said, it is still something your body needs. The packaging is written with the assumption that it is a supplement to normal food, not the sole source in your diet like soylent. The amount in People Chow is calculated so you get the DRI amount.


So what risks do I have?


Heart attack from acute overdose.


But what I’m asking is by eating as much as Soylent asks can I have a risk?


The amount in Soylent is a normal daily intake for healthy adults.


Just don’t eat anything else AND a full days soylent. Many people forget this and chow down on an extra meal.


Wait so other foods have alot of this Potassium Citrate in it and that’s why you’re supposed to only eat 3% ?

Sorry I’m new to this stuff and I’m only 18.


The DIY I’m on has 104% of potassium and throughout the day I drink 1 liter of coconut water which has another 90% of potassium. Occasionally I also eat other things so I am sure I get more than 200% of RDA and have no issues.


Ok, thanks!,


Ok now I understand. People with healthy kidneys can consume more than 3gm potassium in a day. Your kidneys will simply pee off the excess. The danger can be when you consume too much at one time. So the short answer is yes you can eat other food even if you consume a full days Soylent over the course of a day.