Potassium Citrate storage & dispensing?


I’m about to make the switch from Potassium Chloride to Potassium Citrate. Does anyone have experience with putting it in a salt shaker or sugar shaker for easier dispensing? I haven’t actually ordered it yet so I’m not sure what to expect: is it granular like salt or sugar, or is it more of a flour-like powder? I’m sure I’ll be keeping the bulk of it in the zip bag it comes in, but is it safe to put some of it in a non-airtight shaker? I have a digital scale but I’m not sure of the easiest way to dispense it onto the scale. Any other thoughts?


It’s granular. Mine comes in a zip top bag so I just leave it in that and measure with a spoon.

Whether or not you can leave it in a non-airtight shaker/pourer kind of depends on where you live. If there’s humidity then it will probably clump like sugar. Every once and a while I get a clump in mine about the size of pebble.


I stuck mine in an peanut butter jar that I happened to have lying around. Honestly, spooning it out would be easier than trying to shake it.