Potassium Gluconate


Hi there,

I am considering using this in my personal Soylent recipe:

The serving size is 3.48 g, which equates to .54 g (540 mg) of potassium gluconate.

My daily RDA is 4.7 g.

So, I divide 4.7 g by .54 g (540 mg) and determine that I need 8.7 servings, then I multiple 8.7 servings by 3.48 g per serving and determine that I need 30.29 g of the powder in order to get 4.7 g of potassium.

That seems like an awful lot. Why is the potassium content of the powder (.54 g) only approximately 1/7th of the serving weight (3.48 g)?

Also, when I do this math, the Soylent recipe builder says I have 116% of my RDA. Is this a glitch or did I totally fail at my math?



I figured it out, but for some reason I cannot delete this post. My math was correct. I overlooked the potassium from one of my other ingredients.


The potassium is dilute - it’s dangerous to supplement too much at a time, because concentrated potassium will burn your guts. That’s why you get such a relatively low density.


Yeah, it is a lot; I was a bit concerned about this one too, when I started. I’ve been taking about 20g of potassium gluconate per day, for a few months now, to hit 4.7g and it’s been fine. Don’t worry.


The amount of potassium in this stuff of so low, because the gluconate has much more mass. See this wikipedia image: the K is potassium, the rest is the gluconate.


A cheaper alternative is potassium chloride, but you’ll also have to watch your chloride levels as well. Also known as 100% salt substitute.


I use this exact product. I use a good deal less than you are suggesting; too much makes me hyperkalemic, which feels horrible. In short, I recommend you titrate up; start with half a gram a day, increase the dose every few days (I increased every 3rd day) and stop/backtrack if you get any symptoms. Everyone is different and the RDA is just a number.

Both Wikipedia and WebMD
have good info on hyperkalemia.


I use that and the same brand but potassium chloride.


Thanks for the heads up!


I realized after I posted this that the remaining mass must be comprised of the gluconate. Thanks for the info.


Considering I probably average less than 50% of the RDA now from regular food, you have a good point. I better ease into it to make sure I don’t have a really bad day. Thanks for the reply.


Thanks for the tip. I’m trying to keep my formula as straightforward as possible so I experience less overlap across ingredients. I know it’s practically impossible, but I’m trying.