Potassium showdown (Gluconate, citrate, iodate, bitartrate, chloride, ..)


I saw potassium gluconate in many recipes so I went with that one, not even knowing what a gluconate is :smile:

Now I read that potassium citrate is good for inhibiting kidney stones and that you need 1/10th of gluconate in weight per recipe.

Chloride would have the advantage of not needing to put salt in the recipe, sodium could come from quinoa flour, but the PotassiumChloride packaging usually only list the mg and DV of potassium, not of chloride …

Iodate, bitartrate, any opinions? (or facts?) What more bioavailable / better ?


bump, any thoughts on potassium ?


I want to know, too!

I saw someone somewhere say that they preferred potassium salt, because it contains that highest percentage of potassium available (I think it was 50%?) I might give that a try once I run out of citrate, although I worry it’ll make my recipe too salty.

On a similar note, I recently discovered that my numbers for citrate were way off, and I’ve only been using 1g where I should have been using 9g. As soon as I made this correction, however, I started getting MASSIVE headaches moments after finishing a serving. They only lasted a few minutes, but they were troubling. It was the only thing I changed in the recipe and it was resolved once I downed the amount to 5g of citrate, but now I’m curious about it. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I’d love to hear them.


When upping your potassium intake it should be raised slowly over a week or two until you reach the RDI, otherwise you get the above. Most of us are getting far below RDI for potassium with our prior SADs. You should be fine to raise it again, just do so slowly.


Ooohhhh okay. Thank you!