Potential Benefits of Carotenoids


Just saw this over on r/Soylent, thought the folks here may like the read as well. Also, posting it here somewhat as a placeholder until I can get around to reading up a bit. Until then feel free to chime in on the subject.

Article on the potential benefits of adding carotenoids to improve eyesight, as well as potential cognitive benefits.

[quote] About 20 mg of carotenoids daily are needed to achieve the visual benefits described…

Lessened effects of glare…

Improved contrast and glare sensitivity…

Better contrast sensitivity…

"We can get about 15-20% improved visual function in the healthy eye, which is remarkable really,” says John Nolan, a professor at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland who is running an ongoing study exploring vision enhancement with these supplements. Improvements of about 30% can be achieved in patients with macular degeneration, he says. It takes about six to 12 months for the supplements to take their full effect.

There is also some evidence linking carotenoids with other processes in the body: in motor skills, hearing, immune responses, and cognition.

A 2013 study by Hammond found that higher macular pigment levels are associated with faster processing speed and better balance.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that most of the studies so far have identified only correlations between the pigments and brain function – the mechanism is not yet clear.[/quote]


I might take them as a supplement, assuming they are available as such.


I’m using a supplement (LEF Mix Tablets) which already has a variety of carotenoids in it - beta carotene (for vitamin A), lutein and trans-zeazanthin, lycopene, as well as a bunch of other berry, fruit, and veggie extracts. I like the LEF product, despite the price, because it packs a lot into a single bottle, and all of it is selected based on scientific merit.

(If you sign up as a member and order in sets of ten the price comes down substantially.)


I can say with certainty that my eyes are WAYYYY less sensitive to light after Soylent itself. When I come to my computer monitors in the morning, I no longer spend about 5 minutes squinting at the screens. My eyes are already like 90% adjusted by the time I walk down the hall and into my office. Another 10 seconds at my desk and I can see everything perfectly.