Potential Product Team Q&A

Hello all,

I am looking to get our team more involved with the community since they regularly lurk. Would you be interested in a product team Q&A on a monthly basis? The restrictions would be not only time, but the reality that they cannot always answer a product question for a variety of reasons.

Thoughts are appreciated!


This would be great! I would rather you just contribute in the threads themselves, but I can see why it would be dangerous to do so.

It’s mostly because they can respond to specific questions in one running thread. Maybe a good system would be to open and close the thread on the days it happens.


Yes please! I want to pick their collective brain about nutrition specifics.

yeah that would be awesome! Would it be just on discourse or on other social media channels as well? (thinking of reddit, etc.)

You could open a thread for questions, then lock it and have the team post their response.

The one thing reddit is good for is question and answer sessions like this.

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Just Discourse. Generally I have the most control here. But this is also their favorite place to lurk. They do read all the threads.

That sounds like an excellent idea.

I would want this to be a running thread, with reddit once the time has come and gone the thread is useless. This will be a mini experiment of sorts.

Yes please! I greatly prefer discourse to reddit.

My first question is, other than the lower glycemic index 2.0 offers over 1.5, what other nutritional benefits does it offer?

What are known flaws or deficiencies of 2.0 and 1.5? From what I heard, poor micro-nutrient and mineral sourcing (D2, K1, synthetic vitamin E, etc) and EPA not surviving processing for 2.0. Is this all true? I know ALA => EPA is done naturally by the body(inefficiently), but what about DHA?

Why can’t 2.0 be sold as a powder? I’m aware 1.6 will bring the powder up to parity with the drink, but what technical reasons are there? Is it too difficult for the home user to mix? Does it spoil more quickly when mixed all together and stored in the fridge?

Lastly, what are the next steps in mind for enhancing nutrition or cost? I know algae protein is in the pipeline, but it’s not complete and balanced yet.

It would be nice if we had a back-and-forth rather than a list of questions and a list of answers - you know, some kind of… discourse.



Seems a great idea, but one that can quickly become a runaway-train / big-dang-timesink. So plan on it becoming a runaway. Have a kill-switch.

A few rules can make it last longer and give you real value before you need to kill it.

Perhaps a time-limited window (8-or-24 hours) regularly recurring (Third-Thursday Ask-Us-Anything with the Dev Crew) kind of thing.

Open it for questions and question-upvotes for the 8-24 hours. Close the question period before the team posts answers.

Perhaps best to curate the answers rather than blast out quick impressions.

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That’s a solid idea. I really appreciate the feedback!

Good stuff - You should listen to him, Conor - he has “scotch” in his name.

currently drinking: Laphroaig 10 y/o

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Username checks out!


I am afraid that this would turn into a “everything thats wrong” with soylent and not an “everything thats right.” These types of round tables as I like to call them have a tendency to get negative for some reason by a vocal minority.

That’s quite true.

But I like that better than an echo chamber. That doesn’t exactly foster improvements, and we have enough of that here on Discourse anyway.

Scotch’s suggestion/angle feels like a happy medium, IMO. :slight_smile: