Potty talk and multivitamins


When I used to supplement with multivitamins my urine would be bright yellow or sometimes a light orange color. I half expected this with Soylent but it has been crystal clear. I thought this could be because I am more hydrated, but even when I was popping the pills I drank a ton of water. Has anyone else experienced this?


A vitamin is usually all in 1 and you pee most of it out cause your body can only handle so much at a time.

With soylent across 3 meals, it can handle the smaller doses better and your body absorbs more.


That makes perfect sense. I’m glad I’m fortified throughout the day instead just after I took those pills.


I am on @axcho’s Justin Fuel currently and I’ve noticed that pretty much every time I pee now it’s that neon color rather than just once a day like when I taking a multivitamin.

I absolutely agree with @Ichabod13 that excess vitamins are the cause. I’m a pretty small person so I think that the vitamin density in my soylent may exceed what I need. It is really cool to know that my body is getting a steady stream of nutrients rather than a huge one-shot.

I should probably drink more water too.


I noticed a more robust color every time as well but not as bad as a multi. If you want to see neon go take a couple b12 pills. I once took 2 thinking it was different things and I’m pretty sure it was radioactive. :stuck_out_tongue:


All of the B Vitamins are water soluble, and the human body will excrete excess quantities of them in one’s urine. If you look at any generic B-Complex tablet, you will notice that they are often a similar shade of orange to the color that one’s urine turns; this is because some of the B vitamins actually are that shade of orange and the pills have a transparent outer coating which reveals the color of the compressed powders. Multivitamin supplements often include enormous quantities of the various B vitamins because they are inexpensive ingredients (and large numbers sell well on the label) and because the water-soluble vitamins (which also include Vitamin C) do not present overdose risks, unlike the fat-soluble vitamins of which it is quite possible to build up toxic levels of in the body.


I had the same experience. Multivitamin turned my urine neon without fail. On my Soylent, my urine is usually pale unless I eat non-Soylent.


I think another reason why your urine is more clear is that Soylent has 100-150% of your RDA, vs the multivitamin’s 300-800%. Less B’s, less neon P’s.