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Argh!! Any of you Soylent veterans have any good tips or tricks on how to get the last 5% of product into the Takeya pitcher? I have to fold the pouch to get it in the Takeya and ultimately that fold retains the last few ounces of product which inevitably spray all over rather than finding their way into the pitcher. Am I doing this wrong? Is there a simpler way?


I have a wide mouth funnel that I use.


Hmmm… Sounds like a good solution, where did you get it? What are the general dimensions (input vs output)?


Gosh, I’ve had it for years. I have no idea where I originally got it. Searching Amazon reveals similar funnels.

I’m not at home to measure it. The input is probably around 4" and the output is roughly an inch and a half. Just approximate guesses.


I think those sorts of funnels are standard in some auto supply shops. I’ve never looked myself though so can’t verify. (I’m don’t drive.)



That’s probably true, but the particular funnel I’m referring to is made specifically for kitchen use. It came as a set.

Also, it dawns on me that it doesn’t quite fit in the mouth of my Nalgene bottles (which I wish it did), and the inner diameter of those is 2-inches.


I fold the top of the pouch in a star or plus ‘+’ shape when I put it in the pitcher. I found it opens up better that way.


Like this sort of thing? http://www.amazon.com/Norpro-Stainless-Steel-Wide-Mouth-Funnel/dp/B00004UE88

Looks like there’s quite a collection of the things.



This is the precise set, right here:


I forgot it’s KitchenAid. You can probably find something cheaper if you look around.


All you have to do is open the pouch, set it on the counter, put the pitcher over the pouch and jam the top of the pouch into the pitcher, turn the whole thing upside down. Boom. All contents in the pitcher, no mess.

This way doesn’t allow you to partially pre-fill the pitcher with water, but I’ve never found that to be necessary anyway.


To get the last 5% of powder out of the bag and into the pitcher, just pour some water into the nearly empty pouch, shake around a little and pour mixed contents into the pitcher.


Nanobots are excellent…Amazon sells them in bags of 4 trillion. I use a teaspoon at a time…


I just fold the opening then stick the bag opening through the takeya opening then I pinch the sides of the bag and squeeze it in and out fast and tap the bottom. Everything gets in there.


I always just cut the resealable part of the bag off first, then put the entire opening inside the mouth of the pitcher before completely upending.


I know… First world problems.
I’ll try the + pattern and cutting the entire top off (I do this for the Schmoylent)
But I might also investigate funnels as well especially for smaller ‘on-the-go’ 500-700kcal containers… like for hiking or skiing… assuming there was snow… It’s not even April! But I digress…


Use a different pitcher. I’ve found the Takeya to be better as a flower watering can than a Soylent container.


I just unzip only an inch or two of the pouch’s ziplock, and use it as a pour spout.


Yeah, that’s what I have been doing too.


If you remove the top and handle part of the container (which I always do as part of cleaning), you will find it easier to dump the powder into the remaining clear plastic container.



I don’t know if it is 5%, but whatever is left clinging to the bag that won’t pour into the pitcher, the water method works well.