Pouch opening > Takeya opening


I’ve tried the water in the pouch method with mixed results. Bringing the bag upright in order to add the water often results in some stray powder escaping on the counter. I like the idea of doing this without the handle (providing a wider opening). I’ll try that as well.


Yep I always get the last out of the bag with water. Works great for me though occasionally I get a few drips from the bag.


Tap the bag, flick it with your finger to knock the last bits of powder out. I would much prefer a tube-shaped package for dumping into a pitcher, but I suppose that makes it hard for those who scoop it out and measure…


This morning I tried putting the pitcher over the bag and then turning it right side up, as suggested by someone. It works very well.

First, as also suggested by someone, I cut off the zip-lock with scissors. Then, I set the bag on the counter and put the pitcher over it. Tipped it right side up, tapped it a few times, pulled it out and wahlah.

It’s not quite as quick as the funnel, but one problem with the funnel is the maltodextrin dust cloud that forms. The advantage to this new method is that there is no dust cloud.

Anyway, just thought I’d report my experience with it this morning.


That’s basically what I do except with no cutting of the bag. Except for a small amount of Soylent left behind in the bag (which I recover with the water method) it’s quick and easy and gets little if any (usually none) dust anywhere.


Funnel shopping yesterday was a fail… Both Target and Bed Bath Beyond had the same set with the largest funnel still having a relative small output. I do have have a small Rubbermaid container I bought at Walmart in Salt Lake City for a ski trip that could work as a two step funnel for filling smaller (16-20oz) containers with powder.
Rubbermaid 16oz

Form the Takeya I’ll try the + opening (4 corners vs one folded corner) along with leaving the handle off. I kinda like pre-filling with some water although given my intense shaking process as well as the ice I normally add, I’d probably have no issues mixing even if I started direct with the powder…

BTW, I’m on my last bag and the portal says my subscription should ship tomorrow… 32 days after the first shipment. I though this was supposed to be 28 days?


I should have mentioned with the + shape, once it’s in the + shape, fold the top of the + to the left and the bottom of the + to the right and then put it in the opening of the pitcher (easier without the handle attached) then when you let go it will open up again. Then I just grab the top of the pouch (that’s the bottom of the pouch up side down) and shake up and down and everything should empty out.

I put the powder in first and then add water. I don’t have any problems with getting it to mix well.


I make sure all the Soylent is in the bottom of the pouch and then cut the zipper portion off.
Scrunch the new pouch top just enough to fit it in the pitcher.
Then tap the pouch to make sure all the powder has fallen out.
Haven’t lost any product since doing it this way. :smile:


Also before removing the bag flick the bottom several times. Make sure to wait a few seconds for the cloud in the bottle to settle before removing it. Haven’t had a mess since the first bag I tried using this method.


I would especially love it if Soylent would remove the ziplock part of the bag. Who actually uses that? They should do a survey on the % of their customers using that. Would save them money, and in turn save us money. Maybe when they resize their bags due to the smaller contents.


Yeah the ziploc is useless IMO. It’s not a very high quality one and since there is inevitably powder in the track, it doesn’t really work anyway. On those rare occasions I don’t empty an entire bag at once (usually when baking small batches of things), I always just roll over the top and use a clip to hold it closed.


I read your post and bought the funnels about 2 weeks ago. Love it. The big one is perfect. Prior to the funnel I was always pet peeved about the soylent that would get stuck on the upper rim and threads of the pitcher. No longer a problem.