Pour Cacao powder into 2.0 bottles, thoughts?


Am i crazy?

I’m out of Soylent Drink Cacao
Flat broke
Have bags of Cacao Powder,
Have the Original pitcher for powder
I recycle my bottles monthly
I cleaned out 5 of the empties(spotless)
Mixed up a full bag, chill for few hours, then easily poured back into the bottles (used 4 + a bit left over).
I have a very cold mini fridge at work, holds 6 bottles with no problem (to small for a Pitcher), use it mainly for 2.0 joy at lunch

2 questions
Powder is from 1/2018, use by 11/18, still ok to use?
Will the mixed powder keep ok for the 4 days (bottles)?


I re-use bottles all the time and have also used slightly-out-of-date powder, never with any deleterious effects. If anything, it’s much more cost-effective and less wasteful!


Oh, and with regards to fridge storage, I’ve kept premixed Soylent in the fridge for over a week and it was fine. The flavor does change slightly if you really pay attention to it, but I’ve never cracked open a bottle only to retch and pitch it.


i just did pitch all 4. huge chemical taste. hated it. hope it was just the bottles that caused the chemical taste
gonna mix a up another bag tonight, for the weekend at home, ,will leave it in pitcher


Doesn’t it say somewhere to drink within 3 days? I seem to taste a difference after that.


I been doing that for months. I saved the bottles from my one and only ready to drink order. I mix up a batch of powder, and fill five bottles, 400 kcals each (about 415g net weight). Each batch lasts me two or three days.

Throwing away all those plastic bottles seems like an awful waste. So much for saving the world.

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The last time I checked, you were not supposed to keep Soylent powder shakes for more than 48 hours. I have kept them longer than that and nothing bad happened, but they start to get funky and begin to ferment a bit.

Thumbs up for using the powder. You could make a case for the bottles tasting better, but look at all the plastic waste they generate. And consider the recent news that despite the efforts of American consumers and cities to recycle, most of the stuff is NOT being recycled! Isn’t that great? Yes, that is sarcasm. And the powder saves money also.

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I probably drink 1-2 bottles of original 2.0 per 2000kcal of 1.9 powder… nearly all my bottles go through one “second use” as carriers for the mixed powder (after a good rinsing). I think the longest I’ve kept mixed powder is about 3 days refrigerated. Mostly this is because I hate the waste (sometimes use the bottles for water as well)… and I like to have powder after it’s been refrigerated for over 8hrs… so the bottles buffer that ever important constant flow of Soylent :slight_smile:

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